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Engaging with the Standards - Session 1


A series of 4 professional learning sessions:

Session 1 Linking the Standards to Your Role
  Session 2 Building on a strength
  Session 3 Working on an area for development
  Session 4 Exploring an interest


Session 1 Info Panel 1
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1 - Look through the suite of Standards, and choose the Standard or parts of Standards most appropriate for your role and aspirations - see info panel 1.


2 - Using the Standard or Standards you have chosen, and based on your current role and aspirations, highlight parts which reflect:

  • recent professional learning you have undertaken (colour 1)
  • areas of the improvement plan that impact on your current role (colour 2)
  • areas you feel are strengths that you could build on (colour 3)
  • areas you feel you need to develop (colour 4)
  • areas you would like to explore further (colour 5)

see info panel 2.

You could choose one Standard if it captures all or most of your role:
  • Standard for Full Registration (SFR) - designed for Early Phase teachers (and is the competence benchmark for all teachers).
  • Standard for Career-long Professional Learning (SCLPL) - designed for teachers who are secure in using the SFR, or who wish to deepen their professional learning, including those who do not work in classroom settings.
  • Standards for Leadership and Management (SLM) - designed for all teachers taking a lead in an area, or supporting others, or holding or aspiring to formal leadership posts or roles, including those not working in classroom settings (comprising middle leadership and Headship).

Or you may wish to use parts of more than one Standard if that's a better fit, for example:

  • The SFR and SCLPL if you are ready to move towards a more enquiring approach to your professional learning.
  • The SCLPL and SLM if your remit has both curricular and leadership aspects, or if you are thinking of preparing for a formal leadership post.
  • The SLM for both middle leadership and Headship if you are a middle leader aspiring to a Head Teacher post.
  • ... or even all 3, depending on your role!

At our website, you can see the Standards side-by-side:


Info panel 2

A strength may come from an area you're currently leading on, or that you could take the lead on. It may feature in an improvement plan or it may be based on a relevant professional interest of yours.

Similarly, an area for development may stem from an improvement plan, or may be a relevant professional area that you feel the need to address.

An area to explore further could also be related to an improvement plan or be a relevant professional interest. It could be an area in which you wish to expand your knowledge, or develop expertise, or apply existing knowledge within a new context or focus.

These may have been discussed at a previous PRD meeting or are issues you would like to discuss at a forthcoming PRD meeting.

In any case, the things you highlight are relevant to your current role or aspirations, and have a potential impact on you, your colleagues, your learners, or your learning community.

The above information can be viewed as a download:


For further information about our Professional Standards, contact:

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