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Professional Standards 2021 for Teachers. These standards become mandatory as of 2 August 2021

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Standard for Headship

The Standard for Headship provides an aspirational and developmental framework for teachers in/ or considering leadership roles. It outlines the strategic vision, professional knowledge and understanding, interpersonal skills and abilities and professional illustration that support teachers in leadership roles.  Set alongside the Standard for Middle Leadership, these Professional Standards provide a framework for professional growth for teachers in leadership roles. Consequently, they have some additional purposes:

  • support for self-evaluation and reflection for teachers in, and aspiring to, formal leadership roles in our schools;   
  • informing the process of recruitment and selection; and 
  • contributing to dialogue about leadership and management. 

The Standard for Headship has the additional purpose of being a requirement for teachers permanently employed in local authority Headteacher roles from August 2020.

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