Probationer Support Package

Whether you are on the Teacher Induction Scheme (TIS), Flexible Route (FR) or are a probationer supporter, the following resources can help you in the journey to reaching the Standard for Full Registration.

Professional Standards rubric

A rubric that illustrates what progress might look like as you move from the Standard for Provisional Registration (2012) to the Standard for Full Registration (2021).  The rubric is a tool for your own self-evaluation and will allow you to see your progress throughout your probation year.  It might be helpful to do this at/ just before your next supporter meeting, as a point of discussion on your agenda.



Pastoral Care for Probationers with Claire Lavelle, Hive of Wellbeing

Support for Flexible Route Probationers

Staying Connected to What Matters (aimed at FR Probationers) with Claire Lavelle, Hive of Wellbeing


TIS and the role of the supporter webinar 

Overview of Probationer support package

Supporting Flexible Route Probationers

Support package for Probationers – how can you support probationers – themes from the support sessions? with Sarah Philp  

Pastoral Care for Probationers with Claire Lavelle, Hive of Wellbeing

Coaching and Mentoring Probationers

Health and Wellbeing Hub

A range of resources created and curated by GTC Scotland to help you take care of your own mental health and wellbeing.

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