19th May 2022
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Scottish school leaders awarded the Standard for Headship

Over 200 teachers across Scotland will today be awarded the Standard for Headship at the GTC Scotland (General Teaching Council for Scotland) and Education Scotland Leadership Awards.

The online ceremony is a celebration of those who have committed to improving their leadership skills in teaching and may look to enter a headteacher role in the next few years.  

Meeting the Standard for Headship can be demonstrated through successful completion of the Into Headship programme, a national qualification. Holding this Standard is a requirement for headteachers in Scotland and the Into Headship programme focuses on the specificity of headship and the strategic role of headteachers.

At its core, the programme focuses on ensuring aspiring headteachers have the necessary skills required in management and strategic leadership, and a sound understanding of the theory and knowledge needed to be effective leaders for children, young people and colleagues. The Into Headship programme is accredited by GTC Scotland and is delivered in partnership by universities, local authorities and Education Scotland.

Twenty-six teachers from the In Headship programme have also been recognised. This programme is for headteachers who have taken up post within the last two years and helps them develop their knowledge and skills, as they transition through the early stages of headship.

Pauline Stephen, GTC Scotland Chief Executive and Registrar said:

“The teaching profession in Scotland sets high standards for itself. Entry to the profession requires a teaching qualification and a degree or equivalent academic qualification, and to become a headteacher you must additionally meet the Standard for Headship.

“Each individual teacher awarded the Standard for Headship has demonstrated a deep commitment to professional learning, academic study and strengthening their leadership skills.  This individual achievement will have a lasting impact on Scotland’s learners and the teaching profession as a whole. 

“Achieving the Standard for Headship at any time is a cause for celebration and to do so while facing the additional pressures of the pandemic demonstrates real dedication, determination and drive.”

Speaking about the leadership awards, Chief Executive and HM Chief Inspector of Education Gayle Gorman said: “I would like to congratulate everyone receiving their leadership award.  The commitment to leadership and learning will have a significant impact on supporting learners in schools across Scotland.

“The focus on excellence and equity is central to Scottish education and the commitment to lead on learning through our headship programmes is fundamental to driving that forward to support our children and young people. I wish our leaders the very best as they progress on their leadership journeys and I look forward to seeing the positive impact I know they will make.”  

View the roll calls of those receiving the Standard for Headship and In Headship qualification

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