29th June 2023
Professional Values

Reiterating our stance on online abuse

In November last year we released a statement in response to online abuse some teachers were faced with for the work they do to tackle discrimination in their schools and local communities.

At the time Dr Pauline Stephen, Chief Executive and Registrar said:

“Recently, teachers were subjected to abuse online for the work they do to tackle discrimination in their schools and local communities. 

“I repeat the General Teaching Council for Scotland’s statement following last month’s abhorrent online abuse: this is unacceptable.

“Most teachers have a personal story that has influenced their decision to teach.

“For some, like me, this starts with an inspirational teacher from their own years at school who planted an early seed about an exciting career in education.

“And for others, it’s a desire to ensure that children today don’t have to suffer the bullying and abuse that they themselves may have experienced. Abuse for simply looking different or sounding different or wearing different clothes.”

Unfortunately, we are aware of further incidents recently where teachers are facing homophobic and racial abuse. The latter in relation to the newly launched National Anti-Racism Framework for Initial Teacher Education.

Once again we want to reiterate that this kind of abuse is unacceptable.

Within the Professional Standards for Teachers are the professional values of social justice, trust and respect, and integrity. Our values speak to the profession’s aspiration for a world free from discrimination.  

Within the professional value of social justice, it is expected that teachers “understand and challenge discrimination in all its forms, particularly that which is defined by the Equality Act 2010.”

Inclusive and diverse curricula align with teachers’ Professional Standards. 

Anti-racist education aligns with teachers’ Professional Standards.  

Through their leadership, teachers are moving their profession, and society, closer to realising their aspiration for a world free from discrimination. 

They continue to need the support of others to do this.  

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