14th December 2023
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Professor Gert Biesta to deliver Annual Lecture 2024 

GTC Scotland is delighted to announce that the Annual Lecture 2024 will be delivered by Professor Gert Biesta on ‘Taking the angle of the teacher’. 

In his lecture, Professor Biesta will discuss the strong tendency in contemporary education to argue that everything should be about learners and their learning.  

While this may sound attractive, it forgets that there would be no education without teachers and teaching. What then, does it mean, to look at education from the angle of the teacher? And why might this angle be important in the current ‘age of learning’? 

The lecture is being recorded and will be available to watch online in early February. 

About Professor Gert Biesta 

Professor Gert Biesta photographed by Allan Bovill

Gert Biesta is Professor of Educational Theory and Pedagogy at the Moray House School of Education and Sport, University of Edinburgh, Professor of Public Education in the Centre for Public Education and Pedagogy at the National University of Ireland at Maynooth, and, since 2023, member of the Education Council of the Netherlands, the advisory body of the Dutch government and parliament on educational matters.  

His recent monograph is World-Centred Education: A View for the Present (2021), and his most recent journal article is “Putting the World in the Centre: A Different Future for Scottish Education” (2023, Scottish Educational Review).  

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