6th December 2021
GTC Scotland News

GTC Scotland launches refreshed strategic plan

GTC Scotland, the independent professional and regulatory body for teachers and college lecturers in Scotland, has refreshed the final two years of its strategic plan as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, adding a fourth strategic outcome.  

The Strategic Plan 2020-2023 was published at the start of April 2020. The year that followed put the education system’s resilience to the test, with the need to adapt to the ever-changing situation. GTC Scotland undertook a significant amount of unplanned work in response to the challenges.

As a result of changing priorities within education, GTC Scotland decided to review and refresh the Strategic Plan 2020-2023 to better align with the post-Covid landscape.

Dr Pauline Stephen, Chief Executive and Registrar at GTC Scotland said:

“While the recent past – including our Covid-19 response, engagement with the Internal Market Bill and participation in the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry – has brought significant challenge, we have also embraced the opportunities to learn more about our partners and ourselves. It is in this context that we have refreshed our plans for the remaining two years of our Strategic Plan.

“This document therefore replaces our previous strategic plan for this period. We have refined our plans for delivering on our three planned strategic outcomes and have added a fourth – to ensure sustainable, healthy and future-proof working arrangements.”

David Innes, Convener of GTC Scotland Council said:

“Most of GTC Scotland’s work involves engagement with others; collaboration has been key to progressing a number of critical projects, such as the registration of college lecturers. Moreover, we would have been unable to respond to the challenges of the pandemic without innovation and dedication to our registrants, in equal measure. A renewed sense of purpose and commitment to GTC Scotland colleagues and registrants is reflected in our refreshed Strategic Plan 2020-2023.”

Aligning with the profession

The vision for the organisation remains “inspiring world-class teaching professionalism” through collaboration and innovation.

A fourth strategic outcome has been added, along with an in-depth look at what GTC Scotland has achieved so far. The strategic outcomes are:

  • Upholding public trust and confidence in teaching professionals;
  • Inspiring and influencing the ongoing transformation in the leadership and professional learning of teaching professionals;
  • Delivering innovative, data-informed and high-quality accessible services to registrants and other stakeholders; and
  • Ensure sustainable, healthy and future proof working arrangements.

Additionally, the refreshed plan highlights the values of GTC Scotland, which have been revised to better align with the Professional Values of teachers.

The refreshed GTC Scotland Strategic Plan 2020-23 is available in both English and Gaelic.

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