28th March 2022

GTC Scotland release creativity in learning and teaching guide for teachers

GTC Scotland, the independent professional and regulatory body for teaching in Scotland, has released Creativity in learning and teaching: a professional guide for teachers. The guide was written in partnership with the National Creative Learning Network.

Embedding creative learning and teaching is important as Scotland prepares its young people for life and work in an uncertain economic and social environment and to thrive in a world of increasingly rapid change.

This professional guide is designed to help teachers embed creativity into their teaching while supporting the development of creative learning experiences and creativity skills. The guide also provides an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their actions and consider whether they may need further advice or professional learning in developing creative learning and teaching.

The professional guide is linked to Scotland’s Creative Learning Plan. Making a professional commitment to learning and learners that is compatible with the aspiration of achieving a sustainable and equitable world embodies what is to be a teacher in Scotland as set out in the Professional Standards for Scotland’s Teachers.

Dr Pauline Stephen, GTC Scotland Chief Executive and Registrar, said: “Creativity is core to education and our own development. The creative process involves investigating a problem or issue, exploring multiple viewpoints and options, generating and testing out ideas, developing, refining and communicating solutions and evaluating whether or not they have worked. This speaks to much of what it means to be a professional teacher or lecturer and it starts with being critically informed, an aspect enshrined in the Professional Standards for Teachers. 

“This guide is a useful tool to help teachers consider their professional learning and ways to embed creativity in their teaching and to encourage the creative thinking in their learners that supports engagement in a complex world.”

Barbara Gray Atherton, Development Officer for Creativity, Education Scotland (partners in The National Creative Learning Network), said: “In order to thrive in this complex and fast-changing world, learners must be empowered to be creative. We are therefore delighted that this professional guide is being published as it provides support for all practitioners in understanding and developing creative learning and creative teaching.”

Access Creativity in learning and teaching: a professional guide for teachers


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