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GTCS and Education Scotland Leadership Awards 2020

Leadership Awards

Congratulations to all those who achieved the Standard for Headship through the Into Headship programme and who completed the In Headship programme. We would have dearly loved to celebrate your momentous achievements in person but, with circumstances as they are, we have been forced to move our celebrations online. We hope you enjoy the content below, and join us on #leadGTCSES on @gtcs and @EdScotPLL to share your experience of the programmes and your photos.

Messages of Congratulations

Alison Weatherston, Education Scotland

John Swinney, Deputy First Minister for Scotland

Ken Muir, GTC Scotland

Pauline Stephen, GTC Scotland

Gayle Gorman, Education Scotland

Gillian Hamilton, Education Scotland

Into Headship Roll Call

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In Headship Roll Call

Messages of congratulations from local authorities and SCIS

Congratulations to all those who have completed the Into Headship Programme. So much of what we do as Educators, supports the learning of others and it is fantastic to share in this celebration with you, where your own learning has been the focus. Learning is the lighting of a fire and I hope that your fire continues to burn as you progress in your own journey of Leadership, wherever that may take you. A huge congratulations to you all.

Gael Ross, Quality Improvement Manager

Warmest congratulations on receiving your award- very well-deserved. As current times are confirming, leadership is hugely significant. It’s really gratifying to know that leadership of schools going into the future is in such good hands. Keep learning, look after yourselves and each other, and enjoy the journey ahead of you.

- Ian Parkin, School Improvement Support Officer.

Congratulations to Steve Beattie, Hayshead PS; Michael Smith, Tealing PS; Jayne McLean, Starthmore PS; Sally McLean, Muirfield PS and Helen Haigh, Carlogie PS on the successful completion of your Into Headship qualification. We thank you for your commitment to the children and young people of Angus and wish you the very best in your future career.

- Jim Hammond, Services Leader – Broad General Education and Primary.

I would like to congratulate Clare Bryden, Linda Candlish, Gillian Foster, Victoria Greenway and Elaine Sullivan on achieving the Standard of Headship 2020. This programme provides teachers with the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to lead a school community, and I am extremely proud of each and every one of them.

Their commitment to ensuring our children and young people thrive and get the best start in life is greatly appreciated and reflects the quality we want in Scottish education. Well done once again and I wish you all the very best in your future roles.

- Policy Lead for Education, Councillor Yvonne McNeilly.

Clackmannanshire Council's Education Service is delighted to congratulate Gemma Kennedy, Scott McEwan and Anne Rice in achieving the Into Headship qualification. Their leadership is very much valued and we wish them the very best in their careers.

- Adrienne Aitken, Improving Outcomes Team Leader

Dumfries & Galloway Council would like to send their warmest congratulations to all the participants who have completed the In Headship and Into Headship programmes this session. Professional learning of this nature requires considerable dedication and a significant commitment to new learning. Our schools are richer through the increased leadership capacity that the participants gain through this learning. Although you are not able to enjoy the day in person, we hope that you take time to reflect and be proud of your achievements particularly during these uncertain times.

- Rodger Hill, Education Officer

Huge congratulations to Fiona Greig, Donna Shearer and David McIlwraith on achieving the Standard for Headship, we are all so proud of your achievements.

- Helen Cassidy, Education Manager Leadership.

Congratulations to the leaders in East Dunbartonshire Council who have recently completed this demanding Into Headship course. This demonstrates commitment and dedication and you should be very proud of your success. We are delighted in your achievements.

- Greg Bremner, Education Officer.

Congratulations Emma, it has been a joy to hear and see you grow as a leader who is now inspiring others to apply for the Into Headship programme as you know the difference it has made to your thinking and practice, well done.

Congratulations Steven, you are a very humble leader who has seized the opportunity that Into Headship has given you to deepen your engagement with literature. I believe this has led to some great debates amongst your SLT, but most importantly it has had an impact on the pupils and staff at Knox Academy as you lead on inclusion. It is so encouraging that you are continuing your learning as you are currently working on your extended work-based project, your commitment to the I2H programme and your professional learning is commendable, well done.

- Margo Cunningham, Training and Development Officer Education.

We would like to extend our congratulations to Gillian Friel and Angela Kerr, who were the East Renfrewshire cohort on the 2019-20 Into Headship course. We understand how much skill, dedication and enthusiasm you put in to ensure that you achieved the Standard for Headship. You fully deserve this award, which is another important milestone in your journey to headship. We also acknowledge the outstanding support you were given over the last year by your head teacher mentors. Finally, we would like to extend our congratulations to all other members of this cohort who successfully completed Into Headship. The future of Scottish education is in safe hands!

- Tracy Morton Education Senior Manager (Developing People).

On behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council, I’d like to say how enormously proud we are of your achievements. We recognise that undertaking Into Headship/ In Headship is a considerable commitment but one we are so very proud to endorse and support. Through programmes of study like these, we know we are nurturing school leaders in whose capable, critical, reflective hands our children and young people will be very safe.

Never before has strong leadership through and in a time of change been so important and we recognise the role you will play in this in coming months and beyond.

A friend recently gifted me a book entitled The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy. In it, the reader is taken on a journey through challenges, doubts, values and connections. These are perhaps familiar steps on the journey through leadership and learning that you have recently undertaken. A short interaction between the “Boy” and the “Horse” resonates in current times - “We have a long way to go,” he sighs only to be reminded “yes, but look how far we have come”.

The connections you have made with one another as a cohort are strong and lasting, and will continue to support and nourish you as school leaders as you embark on your onward journey to wherever it may lead. And so, please accept the City of Edinburgh’s warmest congratulations on this happy occasion and know we join with you as you celebrate your awards today.

- Michelle Moore, Quality Improvement Education Officer (Secondary).

A huge congratulations to our Falkirk colleagues within cohort 4 of Into Headship. We are immensely proud both of the academic work that you have undertaken, with the support of your university tutors, and the related impact of your strategic changes on your school communities.

Committing to the Into Headship programme is undoubtedly a huge professional challenge which you have all approached and navigated successfully in your own individual ways. We are confident that the leadership principles and practices that you have explored as part of this programme will underpin your further development as a leader within Falkirk, and we very much look forward to your future contributions to school improvements and the positive impact you will have on our children and young people. Congratulations to our Fab Falkirk Folk.

Many congratulations to our successful Fife Cohort 4 Into Headship participants. You are all thoroughly deserving of the accolades in recognition of the hard work and commitment you have shown to your own professional development and to ultimately making a difference to lives of our children and young people. Although we are unable to recognise and celebrate your achievements together at this time, the praise for your achievement is no less heart felt that it would be should we have been able to celebrate in person. I continue to look forward to supporting you in your ongoing leadership journey and wish you every success for the future.

- Lesley Henderson Fife Professional Learning & Leadership Development Officer.

On behalf of Maureen McKenna and the Leadership Team at Glasgow City Council we want to congratulate our Into Headship Graduates for all of their commitment and hard work.

We know that the children and young people with benefit from your leadership now and in the future.

Highland Council’s Education Service warmly congratulates our colleagues who are graduating as part of this year’s ‘Into Headship’ Programme. This year’s recipients of the Standard for Headship represent practitioners who are at the forefront as we build our leadership capacity in the Highlands.

Emma, Euan, Euan and James are to be commended for their commitment to strengthening their professional leadership for the benefit of children, young people and colleagues.

Our graduates enter a system that has at its heart a collaborative network of leaders, in which the best are those who are willing to work together and learn from one another.”

We are delighted that colleagues from Inverclyde have completed the Into Headship programme. The programme has been a key part of the development of our leadership pathways and we know that increasingly staff are finding this programme as a key support and next step on their leadership journey. We wish those celebrating today all the best for the future and hope that, once they are headteachers the programme and their other leadership experiences stand them in good stead.

Well done on achieving the Standard for Headship – so much hard work, passion and dedication of yours has gone into this. This has already and will continue to make a difference for our Midlothian Learners, Staff, Parents/Carers and Stakeholders. Enjoy your celebration ceremony!

- Congratulations from Gail Preston and the Midlothian Education Team.

Clare Ducrocq
Congratulations to Clare on achieving Into Headship. Clare’s leadership contribution to her school and Moray is well regarded and in particular the impact she has had on early level learning and practice within her current post. She is a true professional who constantly strives to develop her own skills whilst developing those of others. Well done and all the very best in the next steps of your leadership journey.

Catherine McGaharon
Although no longer in Moray, Catherine made a huge impact in Hopeman Primary school working closely with the leadership team, growing and developing her skills and sharing her professional learning with others. She is a great loss to the school and Moray, although a huge gain to her current school and local authority. We wish her well, the door is always open!

Gordon Stewart
Gordon’s leadership and management skills have grown and developed within his current post working closely with his Headteacher and colleagues. As a system leader within Moray he has contributed greatly to our NQT programme, providing leadership and passing on his learning to those just starting in the profession. During our Covid-19 lockdown, Gordon has shone as a joint hub coordinator and we wish him all the very best as he embarks on the next stages of his leadership journey.

Diane Willmott
Diane has been successful in gaining an Acting HT position in Moray whilst undertaking the Into Headship programme, making good use of her skills and qualities as a leader and being able to put into practice her learning to date. She works closely with her cluster colleagues and is building networks to continue her learning while imparting her own knowledge of supporting learners. Well done to Diane and best wishes for continued growth and development.

- Vivienne Cross, Head of Education (Chief Executive Officer)

I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to all who have successfully completed the Into Headship programme. Engaging in this challenging, but inspiring programme, will have supported your professional development and assisted you in preparing for the exciting challenges ahead. I wish you all the very best for the future.

- Andrew McClelland, Head of Service, Communities (Education).

Delighted that all 7 candidates from cohort 4 have successfully completed their studies and are being awarded the recognition they deserve. You have worked exceptionally hard to gain this award. North Lanarkshire Council ‘Education and Families’ holds the Into Headship programme in the highest regard. We look forward to continue supporting and working with you over the coming years on your professional journey.

- Derek Brown, Executive Director, Education & Families.

Orkney Islands Council are delighted that once again we have staff who wish to develop and realise their leadership qualities. We recognise the great personal effort and commitment that each candidate makes to achieve these qualifications. In doing so they provide the local authority with strong leadership in our schools at all levels, with many home grown leaders ready to take up the challenge of Headship when the opportunities arise.

We congratulate them on their achievements and thank them for their ongoing commitment to providing the very best education for the young people in Orkney.

Congratulations to all our successful Into Headship graduates of Cohort 4! Your dedication and commitment to your own professional development is outstanding and will ensure you continue to offer the best service to your schools and ultimately provide the best learning opportunities for all the young people you work with. Your professionalism throughout your career, and this course, is an inspiration to others. I hope you enjoy your ceremony, your day and a successful career moving forward.

- Donald MacLeod – Service Manager, Secondary Schools

Congratulations on achieving the Into Headship qualification Ian!

You have worked extremely hard and sacrificed your spare time to get through the course – well done.

We are confident it won’t be too long before you have your own school – it will be well deserved.

SCIS would like to offer our warmest congratulations to those colleagues in the independent sector who have achieved Into Headship and In Headship. It is widely acknowledged that you are in demanding roles, managing a myriad of competing demands on your time. Hence this award is a significant testament to your professionalism. We congratulate those of you who have already secured your first Headship and wish the others well as you embark on the next stage of your career.

- Margaret Lannon, Deputy Director: Education and Professional Learning

Congratulations to those completing their Into Headship qualifications and best wishes for the future.

My heartfelt congratulations to each one of you. Your commitment to professional learning is hugely impressive when I know how hard you work every day in school and beyond the school day. Thank you for being outstanding professional and for all you do to make sure our children and young people have the best possible outcomes.

- Douglas Hutchison, Director of People & Depute Chief Executive.

South Lanarkshire Council wish to pass on congratulations to the Into Headship Candidates from Cohort 4 who have successfully completed the programme and to Kevin Boyd who has completed In-Headship. We look forward to working with you all as you progress to the next stage of your leadership journey and for those of you not yet in a HT post, hopefully that will be soon. Education is an ever changing landscape, never more so than now, and colleagues such as you play a key role in successfully leading and managing this change for the benefits of our learners. In the words of Barack Obama “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” InspireTransformStrengthen #itsSLC

- Fiona Leggate, Lead Officer

Stirling Council would like to congratulate all Into Headship and In Headship participants this session. Children and young people will benefit from your commitment to professional learning and leadership. Well done!

- Christopher French, Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator

Congratulations Susan on your fantastic achievement. Your hard work and dedication have led to great success. Well done from your colleagues in West Dunbartonshire.

Messages of congratulations from universities

To all of the University of Dundee’s Into Headship students and everyone from across Scotland, well done and congratulations on gaining your Specialist Qualification in Headship. I t’s a fantastic achievement and you and your families should be proud of the continuing commitment you demonstrate to making things different and better for Scotland’s young people. Many congratulations. - Tara Harper

University of Dundee - Congratulations

University of Edinburgh - Congratulations

The University of Stirling tutors send sincere congratulations to our Into Headship Cohort 4 participants on the award of the Standard for Headship. We also send our very sincere congratulations to our In Headship Cohort 2 participants on completing the programme. It was both a privilege and pleasure to work with you throughout the past year, as you engaged with the programme and negotiated your very busy professional and personal lives. Well done, keep reading and learning… We wish you continued success in your career, especially now as you negotiate the many unanticipated and complex challenges in progressing education for young people in Scotland in the coming weeks, months and years.

With very best wishes, Valerie and Cate

Dr Valerie Drew and Professor Cate Watson

 University of Stirling - Congratulations

The Course Team at the University of Strathclyde would like to congratulate you on your wonderful achievement and to wish you all the best in your future careers. Please keep in touch and let us know when you gain your first headship post.

Best wishes

Joan and the team

University of Strathclyde - Congratulations

More congratulations

Congratulations to each and every one of you receiving the Standard for Headship today or your certificate of completion for In Headship. You have shown enormous commitment and perseverance to your own learning and your support for the learning of your colleagues is evident in the congratulatory tweets, messages and supportive gestures now and throughout the programmes. You’ve engaged in what many have said is a life-changing learning experience and I’m reminded of a quote from Margaret Wheatley where she says “….Thinking is always dangerous to the status quo… The moment you start thinking, you’ll want to change something”. I’m confident you’ll be changing things for the better. Enjoy all the celebrations – you’ve truly earned it!

All leaders commit to and model career-long learning as a 'leading learner'; and thus encourage others to engage in career-long learning to enhance their practice.” GTCS Standards for Leadership and Management. My heartfelt congratulations to you on receiving your Standard for Headship award or on completing In Headship. I know that these programme are really demanding and put you in the role of ‘leading learner’ in authentic and challenging ways. I know too that the learning from the programmes will continue to impact on your leadership and on those you work with and support. I wish you every success in your future career, congratulations and happy celebrating!

- Jacqueline Morley GTC Scotland Senior Education Officer Career-long Professional Learning and Leadership

Thoughts from a past Into Headship participant

Game Changer. I would describe my experience of the Into Headship course as a game changer. Previous to the course I thought my professional reading and enquiry was very good – however the mechanisms and strategies deployed in the course allowed me to look at this from a completely different lens. My ability to critically analyse policy from a global level down to local authority, and then implement change based on the unique context of my school has improved significantly. I am delighted to say that following the course, I was successful in interview for a Head Teacher post, and the grounding the course provided allowed me an excellent foundation to build my leadership on!

- Scott Robertson, Head Teacher, Loudoun Academy