The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Role of Council members

Members of Council are governed by the Code of Conduct and Membership Scheme and must at all times observe the highest standards of impartiality, integrity and objectivity in relation to the advice they provide.

Their current role is to:

  • establish and maintain the vision, purpose and values of GTC Scotland in order to contribute to improving the quality of teaching and learning in Scotland and to maintain and improve the professional standards of teachers in Scotland
  • establish the strategic direction of GTC Scotland and oversee the development of strategies, plans and policies
  • monitor the performance of GTC Scotland and ensure appropriate corrective action is taken to address any areas of concern
  • appoint, appraise and arrange the remuneration of GTC Scotland’s Chief Executive
  • hold GTC Scotland’s senior executive team to account in terms of their performance
  • establish and keep under review a system of delegation to clarify those matters reserved to the Council, and those that have been delegated
  • establish and maintain an effective communications strategy
  • perform ambassadorial and advocacy roles for GTC Scotland
  • develop and maintain relationships with GTC Scotland’s stakeholders
  • ensure that GTC Scotland acts legally and within its statutory authority
  • ensure that GTC Scotland uses its resources properly and has effective financial monitoring, internal control and risk management frameworks in place
  • approve GTC Scotland rules and policies and seek to ensure that these are complied with
  • ensuring that GTC Scotland meets its responsibilities as a good employer
  • convene and participate in the business of meetings of GTC Scotland’s Council, panel hearings and committees as appropriate