The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Further Education

In Scotland, the age range of students in Further Education is 16+ years of age. It is not currently a legal requirement for teachers in the Further Education sector to be registered with GTC Scotland.

In order to be considered for registration in Further Education, you must have been awarded a Teaching Qualification (Further Education) from one of the Scottish teacher education institutions or a teaching qualification which is comparable to this qualification.  This course is the recognised teaching qualification for individuals who either currently work as lecturers in Further Education or who wish to pursue a career in this sector. City and Guilds qualifications are not acceptable.

If you are awarded registration in Further Education this does not mean that you will be able to teach in local authority primary and secondary schools in Scotland. Registration in Primary Education or Secondary Education will not be awarded on the basis of a Teaching Qualification (Further Education).

College Lecturers - registration benefits

Registration with us offers a range of benefits to college lecturers.

These include the following:

  • Raising status and standing of lecturer professionalism in Scotland's Colleges through Professional Update. GTCS will support lecturers and colleges through the process. Through Professional Update, registered lecturers are required to engage in professional learning, self-evaluate this learning using the Standards for College Lecturers, and maintain a record of this learning using an online service called MyGTCS. The Professional Review and Development (PRD) discussion is also an integral part of the process. Every five years confirmation of this engagement is required by the lecturer and their line manager in order to maintain full registration. Professional Update is underpinned by coaching/ mentoring approaches through professional dialogue and has a clear focus on professional standards and the impact on these on students and lecturers' learning and development needs.
  • "Entitlement model" high quality PRD and lecturer driven professional learning.
  • High quality resources to provide strong support and clarity to practitioner enquiry and critical reflection.
  • Improved public understanding and perception of the valuable contribution that colleges make to teaching and learning  through professional membership with the regulatory body for the teaching profession in Scotland.
  • Through our website, lecturers can access guidance on many issues of relevance to aspects of their work. For example, the MyGTCS service allows users to record their Professional Learning Record, take part in discussion forums and blogs via My Community, access and range of personalised content, access our eNewsletters and update their personal details.. This is soon to be enhanced with the introduction of new service MyPL.
  • Access to over 1,700 journals and eBooks through Education HUB (EBSCO).
  • Issues of Teaching Scotland magazine sent by post in paper format or as an email newsletter. Through Teaching Scotland, lecturers can keep up-to-date with current issues and developments in education throughout Scotland.
  • The ability to apply for Professional Recognition in your specific area of expertise. This is a framework for registered teachers to gain professional recognition for sharing and enhancing their knowledge or experience. Registered lecturers with a minimum of one year of professional practice after gaining full registration can apply to gain recognition in curricular areas, cross-curricular work or in other areas such as mentoring and coaching, sustainable development or leadership.

We will continue to work with the college sector across Scotland to develop our partnerships and to support our lecturer colleagues.

We worked in partnership with colleges and the Scottish Government to establish Professional Standards for lecturers in Scotland's Colleges. We continue to have an important role to play as the accrediting body for university provision leading to the award of the Teaching Qualification in Further Education - TQ(FE).

Registration with us provides confirmation that lecturers have met the Professional Standards. It also provides evidence of skills and the commitment of an individual lecturer to be part of the wider education community.

For more information about registering as a college lecturer, contact the Registration Services Department: