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The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Scottish Framework for Masters in Education Common Descriptors

In order to facilitate transfer of credit between universities that recognise the Scottish Framework for Masters in Education a set of common descriptors has been agreed. The common descriptors draw on SCQF Level 11 and recognise key features of practice-focused Masters-level learning:

Knowledge and Understanding

  • A critical understanding of the principal theories, principles and concepts.
  • A critical awareness of current issues in a subject/ discipline and one or more specialisms.

Practice: applied knowledge and understanding

  • Use a range of specialised skills, techniques, practice and/ or materials which are at the forefront of, or informed by forefront developments.
  • Demonstrate originality or creativity in the application of knowledge, understanding and/ or practices.

Generic cognitive skills

  • Apply critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis to issues which are at the forefront of, or informed by developments in a subject/ discipline.
  • Deal with complex issues and make informed judgements in situations in the absence of complete or consistent data.

Communication, ICT and numeracy skills

  • Communicate using appropriate methods, to a range of audiences with different levels of knowledge/expertise.
  • Communicate with peers, more senior colleagues and specialists.

Autonomy, accountability and working with others

  • Take responsibility for own work and/ or significant responsibility for the work of others.


The following is a list of partners who provide teacher education in Scotland and have assisted in agreeing the set of principles which make up the Scottish Framework for Masters in Education:

University of Aberdeen - School of Education

University of Dundee, School of Education and Social Work

University of Aberdeen

University of Glasgow - School of Education

University of Highlands and Islands

Open University

University of Stirling

University of Strathclyde

University of West of Scotland