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Dyslexia can be accompanied by a prospenity for creative thought in the classroom and beyond
Lessons from the past are creating savvy citizens of the future, by learning about the use of propaganda in WW2.
Hermitage Park Primary School in Edinburgh is enhancing the power of storytelling and play-based learning to raise attainment.
Teachers and pupils had their creativity tested by CREATE, with new skills developed for the classroom.
In the first of a new series of articles about stress and how to manage it, Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist, Paul Mills explains the science behind it all.
Following on from last edition's Fake News article we highlight nine more Professional Update misconceptions.
Hugh Smith highlights the crucial position that teachers occupy as front-line defence in supporting learners who have anxiety.
Chief Executive and Registrar, Ken Muir, asks if robot teachers and travelling by hoverboard are really the future of education.
In the latest Book Club review, Cults Primary teacher Jordan Thomas shares his opinion on Outstanding Teaching: Teaching Backwards by Andy Griffith and Mark Burns.
With climate change now a global crisis, schools are encouraging their pupils to get out and learn more about sustainability, ecosystems and nature.