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We find out how education providers, SCHOLAR, SCILT and e-Sgoil have been supporting language learning
Teachers’ professionalism is shining through as we adapt to new ways of working, says GTC Scotland Chief Executive Ken Muir.
Schools are beginning to open in Wuxi, but strict measures remain in place to monitor the virus. A teacher in China shares her experiences of the past four months.
While most teachers have been adapting to online working, some are ensuring that the children of key workers are looked after and learning in teaching hubs.
GTC Scotland has been working hard to prepare for the next phase in the refresh of the Professional Standards. Senior Education Officer Charlaine Simpson explains what has been happening and what’s next.
School closures have seen parents and pupils forced to adapt to new ways of home learning. Here we hear how they have fared…
Online working has become the norm for many teachers in the wake of Covid-19 and, while it has helped teaching to continue, it can present some challenges. Here are some top tips for good online practice from GTC Scotland’s Engaging Online guide.
GTC Scotland employees explain how the work they carry out on behalf of registrants has adapted to the challenge of Covid-19.
Emma Cooper and Ruari Harris share the challenges and opportunities they have faced in their first two years of teaching.
e-Sgoil has been providing remote teaching in a range of subjects since 2016.
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