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Partnership is key to language promotion

We find out how education providers, SCHOLAR, SCILT and e-Sgoil have been supporting language learning.

The National Gaelic Language Plan (2018-2023), published by Bòrd na Gàidhlig, identified the key strategic priorities and commitments that are necessary to grow the use of Gaelic in Scotland and provide support for Gaelic education. 

The plan identifies that a range of organisations have a role to play in investing in, and delivering, Gaelic education opportunities. Together, through effective partnership working, these bodies offer unique expertise to enrich Gaelic language learning in Scotland and provide continuity and diversity within the learning journey for young people.

Gaelic goes digital

SCHOLAR, a not-for-profit partnership between Heriot-Watt University and the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland, is an important feature of the education landscape in Scotland. By drawing on the expertise of highly experienced secondary practitioners, SCHOLAR is able to provide interactive and engaging online learning materials to over 140,000 students from across almost 400 Scottish secondary schools and eight Further Education colleges. At the present time, supporting at-home learners is presenting many practitioners with a completely new set of challenges. Teachers need access to varied and stimulating activities that are suitable for learners to work on at home and they need a simple way of tracking the progress of each learner.

For many language teachers, SCHOLAR is already playing a key role providing access to engaging online language learning activities, including an extensive collection of audio resources, in addition to providing integrated reporting tools to allow them to track learner progress easily and mark work on screen.
As part of a suite of online learning resources spanning 14 SQA NQ language courses, SCHOLAR provides online support materials to assist in the delivery of the National 5 Gaelic (Learners) course, with a complete online course being offered for Higher. Thanks to the support and assistance provided by Bòrd na Gàidhlig and Stòrlann, online Gaelic-medium education resources are provided to support Science education at level 3 of the Broad General Education.

Going live

Meanwhile, Scotland’s National Centre for Languages (SCILT) has partnered with e-Sgoil on an innovative and exciting programme of live-streamed language learning.

Interactive, online lessons have been developed and taught by a highly skilled team of committed language teachers, for primary and secondary pupils. Six-week courses aim to offer discrete classes for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher candidates in Gaelic, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin. They will give young people a solid start to their NQ studies by building on prior learning and focusing on the skills required for success in the senior phase. Resources will also be available on Glow so learners and their parents and carers can explore their learning further together.

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