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Under pressure

SAMH has a range of resources to help you improve and maintain your mental wellbeing

Although full-time employment can be very good for our mental wellbeing, it certainly comes with challenges; competing and conflicting demands, “too much to do” and “not enough time” can lead to burnout, and mental and physical exhaustion.

How can we take control of these challenges?

The Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) provides a range of resources to support individuals to take control of their wellbeing. It holds the view that “good mental wellbeing”, or happiness, is about more than simply avoiding mental health problems. “It means feeling good and functioning well,” and there are a range of steps we can take to improve and maintain it. SAMH’s How to be mentally healthy at work is an insightful and informative guide on how to deal with issues at work as they arise – and how and if you should speak to your employer if you have a diagnosed mental health problem. The resource advises that in order to overcome difficult times at work, it is important to take control over your own working life. This can be done by creating a support network both within and outside the workplace, and also using your time off work effectively. The resource also provides useful information on how to disclose a diagnosed mental health condition to your employer if you choose to do so. To view the guide, visit:

SAMH provides some quick and easy tips to deal with stress in its guide Less stress in 60 seconds. The guide lists ten ways in which you can respond to stress when it arises in order to overcome it quickly. These tips are all little things that are really easy to do wherever you are, including the classroom. For example, smiling releases chemicals, lowers your blood pressure and increases relaxation; sighing sends a message to your brain to turn off stress hormones. Find out more at:

Five ways to better mental health is a guide produced by SAMH and the New Economic Foundation suggesting five things we can do every day to support our wellbeing. These simple life changes, which are designed to be built around your working life, can improve your mood, physical health and in turn your mental health. Find out more on how to integrate these tips into your life at:

Wellbeing Assessment Tool

Perhaps you are unsure just how good your mental health is? The SAMH website hosts a wellbeing tool, taking you through a range of questions to help you to identify how well, or happy, you really are. Visit:

About SAMH

SAMH currently operate over sixty services in communities across Scotland, providing mental health and social care support. The organisation looks to influence positive change, and to end mental health stigma. To find out more about SAMH and its resources, please visit:

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