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Teacher wellbeing resources during Covid-19

23 March 2020

GTC Scotland, the professional regulatory body for education professionals in Scotland, is acutely aware of the added demands and stresses being placed on all professionals in the education system as a result of Covid-19.

Teachers are playing a key role not only in helping keyworkers to provide frontline services but also ensuring children and young people remain engaged and learning in the most challenging of circumstances. For this it is important to recognise the essential contribution made by teachers during this time.

Teachers are responsible for creating environments that foster successful learning and teaching, but this can sap their energy and test their patience. In the current circumstances, teachers are working at pace to develop new learning and teaching environments and may well be working alone and/or managing specific family circumstances. 

It is important that throughout this time all education professionals care for their mental health and wellbeing. Pressures and worries can build up to a point where they have a detrimental effect on wellbeing, which in turn impacts teachers’ ability to do their job. In the current circumstances, it can be challenging to balance wellbeing with managing uncertainty and changing expectations.

To try to provide support, over the coming weeks GTC Scotland will collate and create resources that teachers may find helpful to manage their wellbeing in these most difficult of circumstances. This will include access to webinars and input from various experts. This information aims to highlight the centrality of teachers’ wellbeing to the profession and is intended to complement employers’ policies and guidance over which GTC Scotland has no remit. 

We are here to support teachers through this unprecedented time, and we will be keeping in regular touch.
Please contact us at if there are particular topics you would like information about.

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