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Support from the GTCS Education Team

The Senior Education Team at GTC Scotland has undergone a number of changes, and roles and responsibilities have been reallocated

It is important that, as a registrant, you are able to access professional advice and support.

The Education Team deals with a very wide range of issues every day but, to make sure that registrants receive in-depth information and advice, officers have been given a lead role in particular areas.

We have three sub-teams in Education:

The Early Career Team, which supports all areas involving students, probationers and those teachers in the first three years of their career. This team is led by Elaine Napier, who has an enhanced role of Senior Strategic Manager – Early Career.

Professional Update and Quality Assurance led by Senior Strategic Manager David Graham. David offers advice to all registrants, local authorities and independent schools on all aspects of Professional Update, including using MyGTCS, sign-off processes across the various systems, validations, revalidations, Direct Submissions and deferrals.

Senior Education Officers, who have specific remits, as follows:

  • Charlaine Simpson – Accreditation and Reaccreditation of all Initial Teacher Education Programmes, Accreditation of TQFE, and Professional Update for the university sector and national organisations.
  • Vikki Robertson - Professional Update for the college sector, validation and revalidation, college registration and LGBT lead within GTCS.
  • Sharon Smith (Secondee) – Supporting teacher Professional Review and Development (PRD).
  • Avril Wilson (Secondee) – Supporting Head Teacher PRD.

As well as have these specific responsibilities the team as a whole works together on a number of areas of interest such as:

  • leading on and supporting self-evaluation using the Professional Standards
  • Professional Recognition for individuals and organisations
  • the Excellence in Professional Learning Awards and
  • Professional Learning in general.

Jacqueline Morley Senior Education Officer has been temporarily seconded to Education Scotland to support the delivery of the National Professional Learning model, originally developed by GTC Scotland in leading Teacher Professionalism through the National Improvement Framework and developing a strategic approach to Excellence in Professional Learning.

Get in touch

GTC Scotland is keen that, as a registrant, you have an opportunity to access and work with the range of officers.

You can access them by simply contacting the GTC Scotland reception on 0131 314 6000 or emailing them directly: