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Summer retirals

Information from the Scottish Public Pensions Agency on what to do if you are planning to retire this summer.

It’s that time of year again when teachers are making their applications to retire in August. 

August is the most popular time of year to retire, and SPPA need to receive your a minimum of three, preferably four, months before your date of retiral. If SPPA receive your application on time, payment of your pension and lump sum will be paid in line with your requested date. 

Once you have completed your part of the application, this needs to be submitted directly to your employer for additional salary details to be entered. This then needs to be completed by your Employer’s Payroll / HR team and submitted to the SPPA at least three months before your retiral date.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of retiring this summer, please ensure that your application is submitted and received by the SPPA on time. If not, SPPA will still endeavour to pay your pension benefits on time; however, it is possible that they may not be paid until a later date. Please note that SPPA will issue you with an acknowledgement letter on receipt of your application; if you have not received this then your application was not received.

More information

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