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Progress being made on college lecturer registration programme

12 November 2019

Considerable progress is being made on the programme to register college lecturers with the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS). Two key sub-groups have been set up to help develop pathways to registration for lecturers.

A College Lecturer Registration Working Group (CLRWG) including representatives from GTCS, EIS FELA, Colleges Scotland, Scottish Government and universities offering the Teaching Qualification in Further Education (TQFE) has been working on the development of a bespoke registration model for college lecturers since early 2019.

The registration programme is being carried out in response to the National Joint Negotiating Committee settlement agreement of 2017, which requires registration of college lecturers with the GTCS.

Two sub-groups have been set up which will report to the CLRWG. The first is a Professionalism sub-group which will focus on ensuring that the distinct identity of the college sector is reflected in any registration and regulation arrangements. The second sub-group is a Registration group which will investigate registration criteria.

Kenneth Muir, Chief Executive and Registrar of GTCS and Chair of the CLRWG, said: “These sub-groups are looking in detail at the processes for registration and regulation of college lecturers in Scotland. It is a complex programme, which will respect the distinct identity of the college sector and ensure the professionalism of lecturers is recognised and developed through professional learning. Registration will enhance and raise the profile of college lecturer professionalism across the country.”

Larry Flanagan, General Secretary of the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), said: “The EIS has long supported registration for the country’s college lecturers, and looks forward to participating in the work of the new sub-groups. The dedication and professionalism of lecturers is key to the provision of a high-quality educational experience for college students, and GTCS registration will provide a welcome recognition of the value of the professional lecturing staff working throughout Scotland’s college sector.”

Shona Struthers, Chief Executive of the Colleges Scotland Employers’ Association, said: “We welcome professional registration for college lecturers and have been participating in a working group with key stakeholders to take forward this commitment. This is a great step forward for the sector which will ensure that all teaching staff in colleges are professionalised and ultimately enhance the quality of provision available to students across the country. The registration will be delivered through a measured approach and will ensure that the college workforce is fit for the future.”

Lecturers can register with GTCS today

Over 400 college lecturers are already registered on a voluntary basis in the Further Education registration category.

FAQs, including the benefits of registration with GTCS, are available to support college lecturers and managers with questions about the work of the groups.


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