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Professional Update Validation: South Lanarkshire College

GTCS validation recognises South Lanarkshire College’s commitment to the professional development of lecturing staff

South Lanarkshire College has been validated by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) for its commitment to supporting the professional learning and development of lecturing staff.

GTCS has awarded a quality mark to validate the college’s professional review and development (PRD) policy and processes.

Since 2014, teachers in Scotland working in local authority schools, national organisations and universities have been required to commit to engaging in ongoing professional learning across their career. This process is called Professional Update and is required to maintain full registration with GTCS. The process asks teachers to engage in professional learning and self-evaluate against the Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland's Colleges and/or GTCS Professional Standards, and to maintain a reflective learning record to be signed off every five years. All local authorities, universities delivering teacher education and independent schools have their PRD policy and processes validated by GTCS.


Engagement in Professional Update is currently voluntary for the Scottish college sector, as is professional registration with GTCS for college lecturers. South Lanarkshire College is the fifth college to work in partnership with GTCS to gain validation.

South Lanarkshire College Principal, Stewart McKillop, said:

"On behalf of the College I am delighted to have received validation by GTCS. The College very much supports the continued development of professional standards across the sector."

Kenneth Muir, GTCS Chief Executive, said:

“By engaging in the Professional Update process, South Lanarkshire College has shown its commitment to supporting teaching staff in their development and continued professional learning. We are pleased to give them our quality mark as a confirmation of the quality of their PRD process.”

Photos of the college validation event are available to view on our Flickr account: