The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Empowering Schools Consultation: Scottish Government

30 April 2018

The Scottish Government has published an analysis of the responses received during the Empowering Schools Consultation.

The consultation paper, an overview of the Education (Scotland) Bill and the GTCS response to the consultation are below:

The GTCS consultation response was developed and agreed by Council members.

  1. It has an Executive Summary at the start which provides a context and rationale for the response.
  2. This is followed by bullet points which summarise the Key Messages contained within the response.
  3. After this, the document includes an answer to each of the questions posed by Scottish Government in its consultation document
  4. Finally, these are two appendices provided by GTCS. The first offers detail on what GTCS Council members agree are the four potential scenarios that could address the Scottish Government proposals. The second appendix offers financial information based on the proposal to create an Education Workforce Council Scotland.

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