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Gaelic National Standardised Assessments launched

Information on the Gaelic Medium Education National Standardised Assessments/Measaidhean Coitcheann Nàiseanta airson Foghlam tron Ghàidhlig (MCNG) from the National Improvement Framework Unit at Scottish Government

As part of the ongoing implementation of the National Improvement Framework, the Measaidhean Coitcheann Nàiseanta airson Foghlam tron Ghàidhlig (MCNG) was made available to schools on 19 December 2018.

MCNG content was co-created and quality assured with the close involvement of the Gaelic Medium Education sector. The constructive input, feedback and involvement of GME colleagues has been incorporated into the system now available, and has helped to establish a standardised assessment system which is aligned to Curriculum for Excellence and, for the first time ever, the Gaelic Medium Education system.

Please have a look at the teachers’ section of the MCNG public website for further information about the MCNG, including login and help desk contact details.

A comprehensive and bespoke training package on the MCNG system, and how to use the information it generates, will be made available to teaching and local authority staff by Giglets Limited, the supplier of the MCNG system. Giglets will be making contact with authorities in the new year to put in place arrangements for training which meet local authority needs. If you have questions about any aspect of the training to be provided, please contact your local authority.

It is important that practitioners have the information they need to be able to respond accurately to parents' and carers' queries and any concerns about the way their child is assessed. The following information is available to support discussions about the assessment model for the broad general education, and the introduction of national standardised assessments:

Assessment is a central part of everyday learning and teaching for children and young people, and helps to identify where strengths lie and where more support is required.

The MCNG offers an operational adaptive assessment system, which generates diagnostic information to support teachers in planning next steps in children’s learning and to inform their professional judgment on pupil progress.

Further releases of assessment content planned for March and July 2019 will optimise assessment adaptation, and provide an opportunity to make any further improvements to the system, identified through ongoing user research and liaison with the Gaelic Medium Education sector. The Scottish Government is keen to ensure that the co-creation approach followed when developing the MCNG to this point continues now that the system has launched, and is encouraging practitioners to share their feedback as they become familiar with the system over the coming months.

In light of in-year enhancements, assessment data from year one will not be used as a baseline for standardisation. Standardisation work will begin from year two. This process will inevitably take longer than for the Scottish National Standardised Assessments, given the relative size of the GME cohort.

Further information about the MCNG and assessment with specific reference to Gaelic Medium Education can be found on the public website.

Visit the Scottish Government website for further information about the National Improvement Framework:

Date added: 20.12.18