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How to look after your wellbeing

Current circumstances are unprecedented.  You might be pushed to your limit, and you can run the danger of losing your perspective and patience, getting frustrated or angry and reacting in ways you wouldn’t normally.

This is why it is important to take care of your own health and wellbeing and to know where you can go to access support when you are feeling overwhelmed or unwell. If your wellbeing is suffering, you are unlikely to be at your best.

Over the coming weeks GTC Scotland will run a series of webinars from wellbeing experts which you may find helps you manage your wellbeing in these most difficult of circumstances. Keep an eye on our dedicated resources page for further details. In the meantime, you may find the following advice helpful.

What you can do

1. Talk

It is important not to keep worries and feelings to yourself. Talk to a friend, colleague or someone you trust. Teachers play a critical role in supporting the wellbeing of each other. Never more so than now.

2. Structure your workday

If you have you found yourself in a new working situation, consider how you can structure your routine to balance the various demands on you. What personal rules do you need to put in place to manage work and life expectations?

3. Use different ways to communicate

You may need to consider specific methods of communication with your colleagues and line manager to ensure that you are in regular contact with others. Technology is going to be at the fore in supporting us all to get through the current crisis. Try tools such as FaceTime; Skype; email and, of course, the telephone to keep in regular contact with your support network.

4. Plan

Sometimes it is helpful to consider what you can control, what you can influence and what you need to accept.  Plan for what you can, consider your response to what you can’t.

5. Access support

Are you aware of the resources your employer offers? Confidential support may be available through Occupational Health or Human Resources and a number of organisations have mental health first aiders or access to an employee counselling service.

Have you talked to your Professional Association representative? Professional Associations can offer excellent support in a wide range of areas including wellbeing, mental health, workload and stress.
Most importantly, you should follow NHS Scotland advice if you consider you are unwell in any way.

Further information

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