The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Australian Headteachers Visit

The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) hosted a delegation of headteachers from Australia at its Edinburgh headquarters this week.

The teachers visited GTCS as part of a fact finding tour of Scotland, during which they visited a number of schools, Education Scotland, the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and professional associations.

The group were keen to hear about GTCS’s approach to its Statutory Functions and Initiatives, particularly in relation to the Professional Standards set for teachers to register with GTCS and Professional Update, the ongoing process designed to encourage teachers to engage in, and reflect upon, their ongoing professional learning.

The Professional Standards for teachers include the Standards for Registration, which act as the benchmark of teacher competence for all teachers. These standards are underpinned by the themes of values, sustainability and leadership. The suite of Professional Standards, which also includes Standards for Career Long Professional Learning and Leadership and Management, are currently being refreshed to ensure that they are contemporary, relevant and reflect the demands of teaching, now and in the future.

Ken Muir, Chief Executive and Registrar at GTCS, met with the Australian delegation, and said: “This was a good opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with educators from Australia. Our visitors were interested in finding out more about GTCS’s central role in encouraging and supporting teacher professionalism to ensure the best outcomes for Scotland’s children and young people. This visit was one of many from countries across the world who hold GTCS and Scottish education in high regard and want to know more about our education system.”

GTCS was the world’s first professional registration body for teachers in the United Kingdom, and one of the first teaching councils in the world when it was set up in 1965. Since then, GTCS has worked with education colleagues in countries across the world to help them to develop similar approaches to setting standards, regulation and encouraging and supporting professional learning in the teaching profession to achieve the best outcome for Scotland’s learners.

Date added: 23.01.19