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Professors Kate Wall and Elaine Hall have co-authored a new book Research Methods for Understanding Professional Learning. The book sets out the importance of practitioner enquiry as a way of continual learning and offers a way of making enquiry ‘doable’ for teachers.

The approach builds on the plan-do-review process and presents a process wheel which supports teachers to undertake practitioner enquiry.

In this webinar recording Kate, Elaine and GTCS Senior Education Officer Charlaine Simpson discuss areas within the new book which they think are helpful in supporting teachers to engage in enquiry.

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Kate and Elaine's presentation slides are available to download here:

A list of related publications from Kate Wall can be downloaded here:

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<![CDATA[Scottish leaders achieve headship qualification]]>

Teachers across Scotland have been awarded their headship qualification at the GTCS (General Teaching Council for Scotland) and Education Scotland Leadership Awards.

Over 100 teachers across Scotland have received their Standard for Headship at the GTCS and Education Scotland Leadership Awards Ceremony in Glasgow. The ceremony is a celebration of those who have committed to improving their leadership skills in teaching and look to enter a headteacher role in the next few years.  

Into Headship award recipients 2019The Standard for Headship is awarded to those who have completed the Into Headship programme, a national qualification in headship. This is a pre-requisite for all new headteachers in Scotland and focuses on the specificity of headship and the strategic role of headteachers.

At its core, the programme focuses on ensuring aspiring headteachers have the necessary skills required in management and strategic leadership, and a sound understanding of the theory and knowledge needed to be the best leaders for both staff and pupils.

Over 30 teachers from the new In Headship programme have also been awarded their qualifications. This programme is for headteachers who have taken up post within the last two years and helps them to develop and continue to build on their knowledge and skills, and with their transition through the early stages of headship.

The programmes have been designed in collaboration with universities, local authorities, GTCS and Education Scotland SCEL (Scottish College for Education Leadership), with the programmes delivered in partnership by universities, local authorities and Education Scotland SCEL.

Kenneth Muir, GTCS Chief Executive and Registrar said:

“It is an honour to present so many teachers with this Standard for Headship qualification. These teachers have gained integral skills to become leaders of learning within their schools, bringing improvements that will benefit and inspire both staff and pupils.

“The hard work and dedication of these practitioners throughout the programme shows the commitment so many have to developing a strong network of leaders in the teaching sector across Scotland.”In Headship award recipients 2019

Gillian Hamilton, Strategic Director, Education Scotland said:

“The awards ceremony was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the success of the teachers who have completed the Into Headship and In Headship programmes.

“Those achieving the award have demonstrated a commitment to the importance of their own professional learning as well as a commitment to Scotland’s young people. It was a privilege to join their colleagues, friends and family in recognising their achievements.”

More information

You can find out about the Into Headship qualification on our Headship Qualifications page.

<![CDATA[Summer retirals]]>Information from the Scottish Public Pensions Agency on what to do if you are planning to retire this summer.

It’s that time of year again when teachers are making their applications to retire in August. 

August is the most popular time of year to retire, and SPPA require to have received your application a minimum of three, preferably four, months before your date of retiral. If SPPA receive your application on time, payment of your pension and lump sum will be paid in line with your requested date. 

Once you have completed your part of the application, this needs to be submitted directly to your employer for additional salary details to be entered. This then needs to be completed by your Employer’s Payroll / HR team and submitted to the SPPA before the deadline mentioned above.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of retiring this summer, please ensure that your application is received at the SPPA on time.   If not SPPA will still endeavour to pay your pension benefits on time; however, it is possible that they may not be paid until a later date. Please note that SPPA will issue you with an acknowledgement letter on receipt of your application; if you have not received this then your application was not received.

More information

Find out more about the SPPA online at:

]]><![CDATA[Recognising your success]]> Have you thought about applying for Professional Recognition?

GTC Scotland’s Professional Recognition awards programme acknowledges the expertise and accomplishment of a teacher as an enhanced practitioner in a particular area. This award aligns with the Standard for Career-Long Professional Learning and recognises and supports teachers as they develop as reflective, accomplished and enquiring professionals.

GTC Scotland welcomes the opportunity to celebrate the high-quality professional learning that teachers undertake, either through their own learning or through professional learning providers, to ensure that their professionalism is enhanced, recognised and valued.

Individual Professional Recognition awards

GTC Scotland’s individual Professional Recognition awards provide a framework to recognise teachers who have undertaken enhanced, significant professional learning, becoming experts and/or accomplished in a particular area.

This award recognises professional learning that:

  • is grounded in practice is research informed
  • is personally and professionally transformative
  • is collaborative
  • challenges assumptions and widens the teachers’ perspective
  • aspires to make a positive contribution to Scottish education.

Last session, 25 teachers were awarded with Professional Recognition in areas such as nursery/early years, primary physical education, leadership in numeracy and dyslexia.

The award is open to all teachers who have completed one year of professional practice after gaining full registration from GTC Scotland. To be considered for the aware the applicant must have engaged in sustained, significant professional learning in a particular area.

Once the award of Professional Recognition has been made the teacher is recognised as an enhanced practitioner in that field for a period of five years.

For more information please visit the following web page:

Professional recognition through a Professional Learning programme

Teachers can also be awarded Professional Recognition by participating in a professional learning programme through an accredited provider.

GTC Scotland welcomes submissions from providers who wish to have their professional learning programme accredited with the award of Professional Recognition, if they meet with the required guidelines for accreditation.

Accreditation is defined as the process of ascertaining the professional acceptability of a learning programme. Like the individual award, there are criteria which must be embedded within the programme for it to be accredited.

These include:

  • a clearly articulated rationale for the programme, which aligns with the national Professional Learning Model
  • an enquiry based approach which focuses on an aspect of personal and professional learning leading to enhanced academic and professional knowledge and actions
  • opportunities for collaboration which impact on the wider learning community and which are underpinned by critical reflection and professional dialogue.

Like the individual Professional Recognition award, once the award has been made the teacher is recognised as an enhanced practitioner in that field for a period of five years.

Last session, 1,150 teachers gained a Professional Recognition award through participation in a professional learning programme in areas such as the leadership of learning in modern languages, science, improving pedagogy, learning for sustainability and outdoor learning, coaching, nurture and professional enquiry.

For more information please see the following web page:

<![CDATA[MyBenefits app]]> MyBenefits app launches with discounts and offers for teachers

GTC Scotland has launched an exciting new mobile app, through which registrants can access unique discounts and exclusive offers.

The MyBenefits app provides all GTC Scotland registrants with access to discounts and resources to make their lives easier.


To celebrate the launch of the MyBenefits app, in association with Barrhead Travel, GTC Scotland is offering one lucky winner a £250 gift voucher for use towards selected flights, cruises, package holidays, weekend breaks, spa days, and tickets for attractions and shows.

To be in with a chance of winning the voucher, simply download and sign-up for the MyBenefits app by 30 April 2019.

Through the MyBenefits app, teachers can receive money off when they book holidays with Barrhead Travel, as well as discounts on bookings with, Forest Holidays, Haven and Canvas Holidays, savings on high street gift cards from Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda, discounts of up to 30% on Hotpoint white goods and appliances, and offers on dining out and motoring services.

GTC Scotland has teamed up with UK loyalty and rewards provider Countdown to develop a range of relevant offers. In addition, professional resources such as financial advice from Wesleyan, money off AOK Learning courses and book discounts from Lynda Keith Education are available.

Registrants of GTC Scotland can also receive a discounted John Muir Trust membership as an introductory offer for new members. 

Find out more

Download the app from the Google or Apple app stores - search for 'GTCS MyBenefits'.       

You will be asked to enter your GTCS registration number, name and email address when you login to the app for the first time.