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Lecture: Metrics and the individual student

Having the Cake and Eating it: Meeting the Needs of Individuals within Contemporary Higher Education Teaching and Learning 

inaugural Professorial Lecture - Professor Neil Simco

Within a global high education system that is increasingly performance assessed and judged (politically and publically) by institution-level metrics, how do the interests and successes of individual students prevail in out thinking and approaches as educators?

At the heart of this question is a consideration of the purpose of learning and teaching in higher education. Is it primarily to support the personal development and aspirations of individuals in their own right, or is it principally concerned with the necessity to meet the national requirements of growing economies?

The inaugural professorial lecture will draw on a range of sources to explore the notion that a metrics driven approach is necessary but not sufficient as a measure of the success of higher education. It articulates a view, for example, that skilful teaching within higher education recognises fully and comprehensively that learners are individuals who will have often unspoken, individual measures of what success in higher education looks like.

The lecture will conclude with the suggestion that an institution's success in our society's contemporary metrics driven culture is related, at least in part, to an acknowledgement of the importance of recognising students as individuals. It is in this sense that the higher education sector can "have its cake and eat it" as a focus on individual difference is also a key factor in achieving institutional success.

The lecture will be delivered in English with a few short sections in Gaelic, with immediate English translation.

The lecture will be followed by a light supper.

Event Details

Date: 25 October 2017
Time: 17:15
Venue: Inverness College UHI, Inverness


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