The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Leadership coaching webinar

Leading educationalist Peter De Witt will deliver a webinar on leadership coaching on 25 March

Why do leaders need coaches? It’s an all-too-common occurrence: leaders are being asked to do more with fewer resources, putting them at risk of losing sight of their moral purpose. Because of this, coaches have become a must-have resource. Helping leaders focus on impactful goals, coaches also demonstrate how leaders can become better coaches for their assistant principals, building an overall stronger school community.

Join leadership author, consultant, and coach Peter DeWitt as he uses a unique case study approach to guide participants through the coaching process.

Participants will learn:

  • Why leadership coaching can be a powerful method to help leaders become more successful
  • The necessary elements of leadership coaching, on the part both of the coach and the leader
  • Why leadership self-efficacy is important and why it is so difficult to raise it
  • Practical tips on how to have deeper conversations with leaders

 Please note that the webinar will be begin at 10:30pm GMT, as it is being broadcast at 3:30pm in Pacific Time (US and Canada).

However, you can register to receive a free copy of the webinar recording if you do not wish to watch it live. Sign up at: