The General Teaching Council for Scotland

28 Sep 2017

Keep the Joy Alive

Emma Moore, Children’s Hospices Across Scotland

We are CHAS – Children’s Hospices Across Scotland. You might have noticed that we look a little bit different to how we used to – our look and logo have changed, but we’re still CHAS.

Through discussions with families, staff and volunteers, we got to the core of what CHAS means to them, and from that we created a new look, including CHAS’s own alphabet, which was created by the best designers we could find for the job, the children who use our services.

We make sure that children have the opportunity for experiences they cannot have elsewhere; to feel the wind and sunshine on their faces, to sparkle, to laugh, to smile, and to have those memorable moments of joy – moments that will be treasured forever.

We want the help of the people of Scotland to help us “Keep the Joy Alive” and show us their support through creating a nametag with our new alphabet letters. Yours, however, will look a little different. On the front, we’d like you and your pupils to fill in your name, using the stickers we’ll provide you and on the back, we would like the pupils to come up with a poem about what joy means to them.

Once we have all the entries back, we’ll add them to our big display that we’re creating to fully launch our new look.

If your class or school would like to take part in our competition – which offers the chance for a pupil to win their name spelled out in our new alphabet letters – then please email for more information about how to take part.

CHAS Background

 For over twenty years we have been caring for families and their babies, children and young people by offering palliative care, family respite and support.
 During this time we have built two hospices Rachel House and Robin House, developed our outreach service, CHAS at Home and established a presence in hospitals.  At the heart of all this is our absolute commitment to supporting children and families when they need it most.

We are dedicated to helping families celebrate the lives of their children whilst they are together – and to honour their memory after they have died.

Today, CHAS can only reach one in three of the families across Scotland who need our support.  We are determined to reach them all.  And that means, quite simply, that we need to raise more money.  Only then can we keep the joy alive for every family as they face the hardest challenge of all.