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Are you doing your bit for the environment?

Recycling: we all think we are doing it, but are we?

We are all trying and due to the David Attenborough effect in the UK and US we have reduced single-use plastic by 53% within 12 months. Sadly, this is not enough, and we are hearing about climate change daily. This is something that WasteSwitch has been working towards reducing since 2015.

WasteSwitch Directors Steven and Colin have been working in the waste industry for over 10 years and have seen many changes in legislation, regulations and personal mindsets when it comes to people thinking about ‘what do I do with my waste?’, ‘where does it all go?’ and ‘where can I learn more on how to do my bit?’. They have seen this need for education and a desire from people who want to be educated.

After years of research and customer analysis, founders of WasteSwitch decided to focus on education in schools, colleges and businesses. WasteSwitch worked with The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) and SQA to create resources to give teachers and employees the opportunity to educate and stay within Scottish law and compliance.  

At WasteSwitch we take our position from all legislative Scottish companies and the government to ensure we are meeting Scotland’s targets of reducing waste and increasing recycling by 2025. These targets aim to:

  • Reduce total waste arising in Scotland by 15% against 2011 levels
  • Reduce food waste by 33% against 2013 levels
  • Recycle 70% of remaining waste
  • Send no more than 5% of remaining waste to landfill

Waste management training for businesses, colleges and schools

Is your team qualified when it comes to all things waste related? If you are a college or school, are your students working towards the right modules to ensure they leave with the best and most recognised qualifications allowing them to secure the best job?  Our course ‘Waste in the circular economy’ is an SCQF Level 5 module which will develop students’ values, attitudes and skills towards achieving a circular economy and protecting our environment. This course takes around 30 hours to complete and will offer your students three credits.

There are six learning outcomes they would achieve:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the government’s plan to regulate waste management and the current processes in place to ensure best practice
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the key legislative requirements and principles set out by government in relation to the management of waste products
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the household recycling charter set out for local authorities to meet their duties and responsibilities for waste management
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of non-compliant business practices and the types of convictions that can be enforced
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of how effective waste management and processes can impact and reduce the production of greenhouse gases and Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of what is meant by a “linear” and “circular” economy

The knowledge gained from this unit will improve students’ abilities to relate their learning and achievements to their future careers, businesses and personal development.

If you are looking for a course that is more accessible, our training for businesses and their staff on Business Waste Disposal offers intermediate level e-learning. Once completed you will receive a REHIS accredited certificate.

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