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24 Sep 2018

#1minPL - GTCS resources to support professional learning

Charlaine SimpsonCharlaine Simpson, Senior Education Officer

"The most successful education systems invest in developing their teachers as reflective, accomplished and enquiring professionals who are able, not simply to teach successfully in relation to current external expectations, but who have the capacity to engage fully with the complexities of education and to be key actors in shaping and leading educational change.”
Teaching Scotland’s Future (2010)


One way to engage in professional learning is to reflect on your practice and use research/academic literature to help you make improvements to your practice. GTCS has a number of resources to help you access and engage with research and literature. All of these resources are available via your MyGTCS account.

Education Source – EBSCO

EBSCO provides all teachers with access to 1,700 academic journals which could be the starting point for your own small-scale research. You can search literature by topic, using keywords or phrases, or by author. The ‘limit your search’ function allows you to control your search.

User guides are available to help you make the most of the resources. The video tutorials also provide clear guidance.

Leadership and Management Learning Centre

The LMLC provides resources specifically related to issues of leadership and management. This includes journal articles, eBooks and video resource content all based around the skills, abilities and dispositions required for leadership.


There are a collection of around 30 ebooks that can be accessed through your MyGTCS account. These books work on a lending library basis - once you check out the book electronically to your device, after a week the ebook automatically returns to the library for another registrant to access.

Education Hub

EducationHUB provides a framework and guidance for any GTCS registered teacher to publish their own research work and participate in professional dialogue with their peers across Scotland.

This important space allows you to read other teachers’ enquiries and reflect on your own practice.

Whilst this is not a 'peer reviewed' published journal, clear criteria is provided which should help individuals consider the rigour and value of the practitioner research.
You can contribute to the EducationHUB project in two ways:

  1. By publishing your own (unpublished) work to EducationHUB (research posters or summaries, practitioner enquiry articles, dissertations, theses, etc.)
  2. By reading, reviewing and discussing articles.

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