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10 Jan 2017

#1minPL - Learning for Sustainability – Why?

Charlaine SimpsonCharlaine Simpson, Senior Education Officer

Learning for Sustainability is learning to live within the environmental limits of our planet and to build a just, equitable and peaceful society. It is essential for the well-being of all and is an international priority (UNESCO, 2013).

It is concerned with every level and type of learning and the provision of quality education for all.

Professional Values, Learning for Sustainability and Leadership underpin and permeate the Professional Standards.

In schools, sustainable development education, global citizenship, outdoor learning and health and well-being are firmly embedded within Curriculum for Excellence. Learning for Sustainability weaves together and builds upon these themes.

Learning for Sustainability is a priority for the Scottish Government and Scotland's education professionals. The Scottish Government's Action Plans for the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-14) set out actions for all sectors of education.

The Scottish Government has accepted the Learning for Sustainability report's recommendations that:

  • all learners should have an entitlement to Learning for Sustainability;
  • every practitioner, school and education leader should demonstrate Learning for Sustainability in their practice;
  • every school should have a whole school approach to Learning for Sustainability that is robust, demonstrable, evaluated and supported by leadership at all levels;
  • school buildings, grounds and policies should support Learning for Sustainability;
  • a strategic national approach to supporting Learning for Sustainability should be established.

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Learning for Sustainability