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Fitness to Teach panel hearings are held to determine whether an applicant for registration or a registered teacher is fit to teach. A person is fit to teach if he/ she meets the standards of professional conduct and competence that GTCS expects.

The Investigation Process

Throughout our investigating process, we aim to ensure that the process is fair and transparent and that any action taken is proportionate given all of the circumstances and options available. An outline of the process followed is set out here.

Rules and Policies

All of our Fitness to Teach proceedings are governed by rules and legislation. If you are appearing at a hearing, it is important that you or your representative is familiar with the Fitness to Teach and Appeals Rules 2012. Find out more about these rules and policies here.   


Where GTC Scotland has made a decision about registration, standards or fitness to teach matters, the written decision notice will set out what right you have to appeal the decision if you are unhappy with it. In certain cases, the right of appeal is to the Court of Session while in others, it is to GTC Scotland's Appeals Board. Find out more about appeals here.

Professional Update and Fitness to Teach

Professional Update focuses on professional learning and continuous improvement rather than determining whether or not a teacher is, or has remained, competent. Find out more about the link between Professional Update and Fitness to Teach here.

Employer Responsibilities

Employers have a legal duty to refer cases to GTC Scotland if a teacher is dismissed on grounds of misconduct or incompetence, a teacher resigns or otherwise stops working for the employer in circumstances where, but for leaving that employment, the employer would have or might have dismissed the teacher on grounds of misconduct or incompetence. Find out more here.

Criminal Convictions

We are informed through a PVG Scheme check of any criminal convictions against an applicant for registration and are informed by the police and courts of convictions against currently registered teachers. Find out more.


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