The General Teaching Council for Scotland

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Removal with Consent Order

XXXXXXXX (“the Registrant”)
Registration Number: XXXXXXXX
Date: 17 July 2017

As you have been informed, a complaint has been received by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (“GTCS”) that alleges that your fitness to teach is impaired. A GTCS Investigating Panel has considered this complaint and, having determined that there is a case to answer, referred your case to a GTCS Fitness to Teach Panel for further proceedings.

A Convener of a Fitness to Teach Panel has decided to issue you with this Removal with Consent Order because you have indicated in correspondence that you wish to be removed from the Register.

If you wish to consent to be removed from the GTCS Register of Teachers, you have 28 days from the date of receipt of this Order to do so.

You are entirely free to choose not to provide your consent. This would mean that you would have an opportunity to challenge the allegations made against you at a Full Hearing. In the event that those allegations were found proved or were admitted by you, this would also mean that you would have the opportunity at that hearing to try to persuade the Fitness to Teach Panel that a less severe sanction than removal from the Register should be imposed upon you. If you provide your consent, you are waiving your right to a Full Hearing.

By signing below, I declare that:

  1. I waive my right to have a full hearing and admit the following allegations made against me relating to my fitness to teach in full:
    1. Between 18 June 2015 and 28 August 2015, both dates inclusive, whilst employed by as a Principal Teacher Pupil Support at School, you did form an inappropriate relationship with a pupil (Pupil A) under your care and in particular you did:
      1. Send inappropriate communications by electronic means to Pupil A;
      2. Continue the relationship with Pupil A when Pupil A had left school in June 2015;
      3. Send sexually explicit text messages to Pupil A after Pupil A had left school in June 2015; and
      4. On 28 August 2015, you did kiss Pupil A.
  2. I freely and willingly consent to being removed from GTC Scotland’s Register of Teachers in view of my admission of the allegations set out above and understand that I will be prohibited from applying for restoration to that Register for a period of 2 years.
  3. I have had the opportunity to seek advice from a professional association and independent legal representative on the content of this Order and fully understand the importance of doing so.
  4. I understand that the content of this Order will be made available to the public.