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General Teaching Council for Scotland Fitness to Teach Panel Outcome

Full Hearing

4, 5, 6 October and 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 November 2017

Registration category Secondary – Home Economics
Location GTCS


  1. On exact dates unknown between 2005 and 2013, whilst employed as Head Teacher of a North Lanarkshire Council Inclusion Support Base (ISB) you did:
    1. introduce a voucher system which
      1. was not used in its entirety for its intended purpose of rewarding attendance at the ISB;
      2. was used by you to a value of approximately £700 for use which was not connected to work at the ISB;
      3. was used by you to buy alcohol and food for occasions when you should have purchased those goods yourself;
      4. you pressurised colleagues to misuse;
    2. misuse school funds by
        1. paying for a staff meal using said funds;
        2. instructing a member of your staff to take action to create the impression that pupils had attended a staff meal at 1(b)(i) above when they had not;
    3. misuse two vehicles owned by the ISB by
          1. keeping said vehicles at your home address and using them to commute to work on a regular basis without informing your employer;
          2. using said vehicles for your personal use not connected with work for ISB;
          3. making said vehicles unavailable and forcing staff to continue to use their own vehicles for which they continued to submit claims for mileage at extra cost to your employer;

      2. Between 2012 and 2013, during a disciplinary investigation you did:

      1. state that pupils had been in attendance at end of term parties, when you knew they had not been
      2. state that you were informed that you should keep ISB vehicles at your home address for security purposes, when you knew you were not so informed;

      3. On exact dates unknown between 2005 and 2013, whilst employed as Head Teacher of North Lanarkshire Council’s Inclusion Support Base, you did fail to follow appropriate procedures, by:

          1. Introducing a voucher system which was:
            1. Unaccountable and contrary to the existing approved expenses system
            2. poorly managed by you and vouchers expired which resulted in financial loss;
          2. purchasing a vehicle, namely a Ford Galaxy, for the ISB without undertaking a value for money exercise or completing a business case and without completing a post-purchase value for money review;
          3. failing to implement a standard procedure or create an equivalent one in relation to the two vehicles which were owned by the ISB so that there is no record of use and no mileage log book;
          4. failing to adhere to North Lanarkshire Council’s employment protocols by:
            1. making employment appointments without conducting interviews;
            2. contracting your relatives (namely son and daughter) without completing and submitting conflict of interest forms and without going through a competitive process;
            3. employing your gardener without completing and submitting a conflict of interest form and without going through a competitive process;
            4. employing staff on a short term basis without providing formal signed contracts or Service Level Agreements;

      4.   And in relation to

                (a) allegation 1 (b); (b) allegation 1 (c); (c) allegation 2; above you were dishonest.

    And in light of the above, it is alleged that your fitness to teach is impaired and you are unfit to teach, as a result of breaching Parts 1.3, 1.4, 1.6 of the General Teaching Council for Scotland’s Code of Professionalism and Conduct.

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