About registration

Being registered not only allows an individual to teach but it also provides assurances to employers, parents and children that teachers meet a national standard of teaching.

Qualified outside Scotland

We have produced a range of useful and important information for teachers who have qualified outside of Scotland and would like to teach in Scotland.

Register of Teachers

One of our core responsibilities is to maintain a Register of teachers in Scotland. Our database contains the name, contact details, registration number, registration status, and qualifications of every teacher qualified to teach in a local authority school in Scotland.

Apply for registration

Our Registration Services Department is responsible for processing thousands of applications each year from students, those returning to teaching and teachers qualified outside Scotland.

Registration fee

All registered teachers are required to pay an annual registration fee to remain on the Register and be eligible to teach in a Scottish state school, this is a legal requirement.

Independent Schools Registration

As a result of a Scottish Government proposal which is part of its Education (Scotland) Bill and is currently making its way through the Scottish Parliament, we have decided to create a short FAQ section to answer some of your questions.

PVG Scheme and Overseas Checks

There is a requirement for any teacher applying for registration, to join the Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme.


For further information, please Contact our Registration Services Department on:

T: +44 (0)131 314 6000
E: registration@gtcs.org.uk

Returning to teaching

If you have been out of teaching for a while and have allowed your registration to lapse, you will be required to re-register with us before returning to the classroom.

Update your details

It is a registration requirement to notify us of any changes to your name and/ or contact details.