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For further information, please contact our Registration Services Department on:

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The annual registration fee deadline date for payment was Friday 1 July.

Payment by Direct Debit

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Registration fee

In this section:

How is the registration fee paid?

All registered teachers are required to pay an annual registration fee to remain on the Register and be eligible to teach in a Scottish state school, this is a legal requirement. From 1 April 2014 the annual registration fee increased to £50. The fee is due in April each year.

  • Currently employed by a Local Authority (supply work included) – the annual registration fee is deducted via your salary. This will show in your March or April pay slip. If you are working for more than one employer, the fee can be deducted more than once. We run reports to identify any teacher who has had their fee deducted more than once. Refunds are processed during the month of May and are posted out during June.
  • Currently retired but wishing to stay on the register - if you have recently retired/left your permanent employer, but wish to stay on the register, you will be notified by letter to pay the fee direct to GTC Scotland.
  • Currently on Maternity Leave – although you may still be technically employed, the annual registration fee may not be deducted from your maternity pay. You will be notified by letter to pay the fee direct to GTC Scotland.
  • Currently not in employment/ on a career break/ long term illness – you will be notified by letter to pay the fee direct to GTC Scotland.

Letters are sent to teachers in early May, providing payment methods and a deadline date for the annual registration fee to be paid. If you do receive a letter asking you to pay your annual registration fee, it means we have not received payment from an employer or any other source. If you think this is incorrect, please contact the Registration Services Department as a matter of urgency.

If no payment is received, your details will be removed from the register. This means that you will not be eligible to teach in a Scottish state school. If you still wish to undertake any teaching, you will be required to follow the re-register process, please see Apply for Registration - Teachers who have let their registration lapse: Returning to teaching

Please remember it is a legal requirement for any teacher to be registered with us whilst teaching in a Scottish state school.

If your details are removed, and you wish to teach in a Scottish state school, you will be required to re-register with us. It is a legal requirement for any teacher to be registered with us whilst teaching in a Scottish state school.

PVG Scheme fee, Initial Registration fee and Annual Registration fee

How much does it cost to register?

The total cost of registering with GTC Scotland as a teacher qualified in Scotland is currently £124. This amount breaks down as follows:

To join PVG Scheme Membership
* Existing Member of PVG Scheme
Initial Registration Fee
Initial Registration Fee
Annual Registration Fee
Annual Registration Fee

* If you are already a member of the PVG Scheme for working with children, you will only be required to complete a short scheme check at a cost of £18. However, if any new information appears on the short scheme check, you will be required to have a full record check at an additional cost of £41.

For teachers qualified outside of Scotland, please view our assessment process.

Change of Details

Up-to-date details are a requirement for continuing registration.

There are different ways you can notify us of change of Name, Address, Contact Telephone Number and Email Addresses.

Through MyGTCS via our website

MyGTCS is a personalised and secure web portal which allows you to keep all of your details up-to-date and provides access to the Professional Update system where you can record your professional learning.

To access or create a MyGTCS account, use the links at the top right hand corner of this webpage. If you are a return user simply click log-in and follow the screen prompts. If you are a first time user click sign up and follow the screen prompts to generate an account.

You can also change your details by emailing or by writing to us at:

Registration Services Department
The General Teaching Council for Scotland
Clerwood House
96 Clermiston Road
EH12 6UT

Your questions answered

Q: The registration fee has been deducted more than once by different local authorities. When will I get my refund?
A: Once we have finalised the details with each local authority, we run reports to identify double payments. We produce and issue refund cheques as quickly as possible, usually during June.

Q: Can my refund be paid directly into my bank account?
A: Refunds are normally paid by cheque. If the fee was paid by Debit/ Credit Card, the refund can be refunded back onto the card account.

Q: I'm over 65/ retired, do I still need to pay my registration fee?
A: Yes, it is a legal requirement for any teacher to be registered, regardless of how many days worked in any registration year. The fee must be paid in full.

Q: Can I suspend my registration for a period of time?
A: You can choose to lapse off of the register (have your details removed from the register). When you wish to return to teaching, you can re-register with us.

If you are working or travelling abroad when you come to re-register, we will require an overseas police clearance from any countries you have lived/ worked in whilst you were lapsed off of the register. It is best to obtain this document while still in the country.

Q: What is the cost to register after a lapse period of time?
A: The cost to re-register includes a Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme record check, which is either £59 or £18 plus the Initial Registration Fee which is currently £65.

Q. How does the cost of the existing registration fee compare to previous years?
A. View the table below to view registration fees, there has been no increase since 2010:

Date Initial registration or restoration fee Registration fee per annum thereafter
1 April 2014 -
1 April 2010 - 31 March 2014
1 April 2007 - 31 March 2010

You can claim for a tax deduction on any registration fees paid to GTC Scotland.

For further information on claiming a tax deduction, please contact the HMRC office on 0300 200 3300.