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Instrumental Music Instructors

The General Teaching Council for Scotland is currently developing a process to allow the registration of Instrumental Music Instructors. This registration process is being developed by a working group including representatives of unions, local authorities, parents, music education providers and instrumental music instructors.

The process outlined below will be trialled with a pilot cohort of IMIs before being made available to all existing and new IMIs. 

More details about the work being undertaken, including how it may effect you if you are an instructor, are outlined below.

Do I need to register with the GTCS?

Not immediately. Registration for IMIs is currently being trailed on a pilot basis. Once the Registration process has been tested with pilot volunteers, and amended as required, an application form will be made available through this website. Initially registration will be voluntary and there will be no requirement to register. We will be working towards making registration compulsory for all existing and new IMIs.

Why is GTCS starting registration of IMIs now?

The legislation that made GTCS an independent body, The Public Services Reform (General Teaching Council for Scotland) Order 2011 included sections on the registration of other education professionals:

  •  "Registration of other education professionals
    26.(1) The GTCS may keep such other registers of other individuals working in educational setting as it thinks fit
    (2) The GTCS must make and publish a scheme governing the operation of any such register.
    (3) Such a scheme may make such provision about any such register as the GTCS thinks"

Who has agreed on the requirements for IMI registration?

A Working Group for the Registration of Other Education Professionals has been meeting for the past few years. This group has focussed on Instrumental Music Instructors and includes representatives of GTCS, Heads of Instrumental Teaching, Scottish Parent Teacher Council, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, National Parent Forum Scotland, EIS Instrumental Music Teachers' Network, ABRSM, City of Edinburgh Council, Scottish Association for Music Education, Convention of Scottish Local Authorities, and the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland.

Why should I register?

By registering with GTCS, you will gain:

  • Membership of the self-regulating independent body that supports teacher professionalism and professional development in Scotland.
  • Teaching Scotland, the flagship magazine of GTCS, which contains opinion pieces about key topics in education, alongside regular features on learning, practice and professional resources.
  • Registration enhances your professional status and standing as an instructor.
  • A framework for your professional learning in the form of the Professional Standards.