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Independent Schools Registration FAQs

As a result of the Scottish Government's Education (Scotland) Act, which was passed in February 2016, we have decided to create a short FAQ section to answer some of your questions.

Presentations explaining the background and progress on registration of teachers working in independent schools are available here:

1. Why will all teachers working in independent schools have to register with GTCS?
2. When will the registration of Independent School Teachers become compulsory, and what time to teachers have to gain full registration?
3. Who is covered by this legislation?
4. What will be the associated costs of registration?
5. What can I do now to prepare for registration?
6. Which categories of registration will be available to Independent School Teachers?
7. What are the qualifications required to achieve full registration with GTCS?
8. I have QTS based on an employment based route, what options are available to me?
9. I qualified outside Scotland; what can I do to ensure I have the necessary qualifications?