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01 Sep 2005Published ResearchEnhancing Professional Practice and Standards through CPD (External website) This paper was presented at the British Educational Research Association (BERA) Conference, University of Glamorgan, Sept 2005. This research sought to establish teachers’ views of the CPD process to inform the development of practical CPD guidance.
22 May 2004Teacher ResearchThe Role of the Duke of Edinburgh Award in the Promotion and Development of CitizenshipRole of Duke of Edinburgh Award in Promoting and Developing Citizenship (PDF)In the context of developing and promoting citizenship in schools, this research has explored the impact of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award programme on participants in a small sample of schools.
20 May 2004Teacher ResearchResources for Teaching Citizenship in Scottish Primary Schools: New Zealand School Journal ModelResources for Teaching Citizenship in Scottish Primary Schools (PDF)This research explored the potential uses in Scotland of the New Zealand school journal model of teaching citizenship.
13 May 2004Teacher ResearchGeneralists or Specialists for the P4 Expressive Arts Curriculum: A comparative Study of Models of DeliveryGeneralists or Specialists for the P4 Expressive Arts Curriculum (PDF)This project compared the benefits and limitations of classes in expressive arts being taught by generalists and by specialists.
12 May 2004Teacher ResearchA Formative Assessment Strategy for Children in Early YearsA Formative Assessment Strategy for Children in Early Years (PDF)A simple, user-friendly coding system is described and critically evaluated in relation to its effect on attainment levels and self-esteem, and teacher practice.
06 May 2004Teacher ResearchThe Digital Application of Accelerated Learning TechniqueThe Digital Application of Accelerated Learning Technique (PDF)This research investigated how to apply accelerated learning techniques within the context of digital learning and teaching content in order to facilitate the planning and construction of on-line topics and courses.
28 Apr 2004Teacher ResearchDiaries and Journals: An Aid to LearningDiaries and Journals: An Aid to Learning (PDF)This research explores the use of diaries and learning journals as a possible vehicle to enhance learning in the context of a Scottish secondary school.
22 Apr 2004Teacher ResearchMind mapping in Learning and Teaching: Pupil and Teacher PerspectivesMind mapping in Learning and Teaching: Pupil and Teacher Perspectives (PDF)This research evaluated the use of mind mapping techniques from both pupils’ and teachers’ perspectives, identifying many benefits and classroom uses.
01 Oct 2003Becoming a TeacherResidence Requirements for Teachers of Modern Foreign LanguagesResidence requirements for teachers of modern foreign languages (PDF)This information leaflet provides information on the requirements for teachers who wish to teach a modern language.
01 Oct 2003Teaching in PracticeVoice and the Teaching ProfessionVoice and the teaching profession (PDF)This leaflet provides information on preventative care and at risk groups, the legal position on the subject and recommendations for teachers.
23 Apr 2003Teaching in PracticeGuidance in Further EducationGuidance in further education (PDF)This publication provides information on guidance across the further eduation sector and describes its role and purpose.
13 Nov 2001Teaching in PracticeMaking a Difference - Guidance in the Primary SchoolMaking a difference - guidance in the primary school (PDF)This publication addresses the issues of primary guidance.
27 Nov 2000EducationEducation for Anti-RacismEducating for anti-racism (PDF)This booklet suggests ways in which individual teachers, schools, further and higher education institutions and employing authorities can evolve and refine their own policies and practices.
18 Jan 1999EducationTeaching in the Gaelic Medium EducationTeaching in gaelic medium education (PDF)This report examines the current training and accreditation needs for Gaelic medicum education and to make recommendations to the Council and the Scottish Government for the way ahead.
 Register of InterestsCarole Wilkinson - Register of Interests (PDF)Carole Wilkinson - Register of Interests (PDF)This information provides further details about the Council member's category, employment, assets, investments and interests.
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