The General Teaching Council for Scotland

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Your Professional Context

We have collated specific information for different categories of GTCS registrant. Please select the category which is most relevant to you:

1. Registrants working in local authorities
2. Registrants working in central roles in local authorities
3. Supply Teachers working in local authorities
4. Registered teachers working in the independent sector
5. Provisionally registered teachers (Teacher Induction Scheme)
6. Provisionally registered teachers (Flexible Route)
7. Registered teachers working in the College sector
8. Registered teachers working in Universities
9. Registered teachers working for national organisations
10. Registered teachers who have lapsed from the GTC Scotland register of teachers, and have subsequently rejoined
11. Registered teachers working outwith the education system, or within the education system but not employed as a teacher
12. Teachers teaching outwith Scotland
13. Registered teachers not currently in employment
14. Registered teachers planning to retire
15. Registered teachers who have recently retired
16. Line Managers/ Head Teachers