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Standards for Registration

The Standard for Provisional Registration (SPR) and The Standard for Full Registration (SFR) are part of the suite of GTC Scotland's Professional Standards which also includes The Standard for Career-Long Professional Learning and The Standards for Leadership and Management.

These standards are underpinned by the themes of values, sustainability and leadership. Professional values are at the core of the Standards for Registration. They are integral to, and demonstrated through, all our professional relationships and practices.

Learning for Sustainability

Learning for Sustainability is a whole-school commitment that helps the school and its wider community develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and practices needed to take decisions which are compatible with a sustainable future in a just and equitable world. Learning for sustainability has been embedded within the Standards for Registration to support teachers in actively embracing and promoting principles and practices of sustainability in all aspects of their work.

Leadership for Learning

All teachers should have opportunities to be leaders. They lead learning for, and with, all learners with whom they engage. They also work with and support the development of colleagues and other partners. The Standards for Registration include a focus on leadership for learning.

The Standard for Provisional Registration specifies what is expected of a student teacher at the end of Initial Teacher Education who is seeking provisional registration with GTC Scotland. It also acts as one of the set of subject benchmark statements for professional qualifications in Scotland developed by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. Having gained the SPR, all provisionally registered teachers continue their professional learning journey by moving towards the attainment of the Standard for Full Registration. The SFR is the gateway to the profession and the benchmark of teacher competence for all teachers. It must therefore constitute standards of capability in relation to teaching (with such reasonable adjustments as may be required under Equalities Legislation) in which learners, parents, the profession itself and the wider community can have confidence.

The scope of this document is limited to defining the SPR and SFR and does not address in detail how judgements will or should be made. It is not intended that the Professional Actions should be used as a checklist. In broad terms, the person reviewing the work of the teacher needs to be reassured that the capabilities described by the professional standard are achieved. Where it is thought that further development is needed, the Professional Actions provide a focus for what needs to be done.

Having attained the SFR teachers will continue to develop their expertise and experience across all areas of their professional practice through appropriate and sustained career-long professional learning. The Standard for Career-Long Professional Learning has been developed to support teachers choosing to reflect on this standard as part of their professional learning. As they progress through their careers this Standard will help them to identify, plan and develop their own professional learning needs and to ensure continuing development of professional practice.

Requirements and Purpose of The Standard for Full Registration

The requirements of The Standard for Full Registration are in addition to, and follow the successful achievement of, The Standard for Provisional Registration. The purposes of The Standard for Full Registration are:

  • a clear and concise description of the professional qualities and capabilities probationer teachers are expected to attain
  • a professional standard against which reliable and consistent recommendations and decisions can be made on the fitness of new teachers for full registration with GTC Scotland
  • a clear and concise description of the professional qualities and capabilities fully registered teachers are expected to maintain and enhance throughout their careers
  • a baseline standard of professional competence which applies to teachers throughout their careers