Professional Update FAQs

We have put together Frequently Asked Questions about Professional Update in order to keep you as informed as possible about the progress.

Sharing Practice for

Many local authorities are currently reviewing PRD and preparing for Professional Update. To support this, we have collated a list of useful materials by key topics from local authorities to assist you.

Professional Update Categories

We have collated specific information for different categories of teachers/ lecturers as a supplement to what you need to know about Professional Update in advance of the launch in August 2014.

Professional Learning

Professional learning is what teachers do to keep their professional practice fresh and up-to-date. Engagement in professional learning is an integral part of the Professional Update process.

National Guidance on Professional Review and Development

This revised national guidance supports effective PRD and the positive engagement of teachers, headteachers and system leaders in the PRD process.


For further information about our Professional Update, contact:

T: +44 (0)131 314 6000

Practitioner Enquiry

Teachers engaging in practitioner enquiry offer a number of benefits to the teacher as an individual, the school and wider educational community.

Professional Update
Case Studies

Find out what is currently being said about the development of Professional Update.