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What do I need to know and do?

Engagement in the Professional Update process is a requirement for registration with GTC Scotland. The implementation of Professional Update is on a phased basis, depending on your year of GTCS registration.

Associate and General Status

The default status for all currently Fully Registered teachers is that of Fully Registered General and this is what will be required to teach in schools. However, a new status has been introduced called Fully Registered Associate and is available for those holding full registration but do not wish to remain in the General category. Registrants with the Associate status will be exempt from the five yearly sign off process for Professional Update.

Supply Teachers

The Professional Update process is intended to promote and support engagement in professional learning. A supply teacher's varied work context itself provides a rich setting for professional learning and reflection on practice.

Retired Teachers

Teachers who retire and who wish to stay on the GTC Scotland Register will have the option of retaining their pre-retirement category of Fully Registered (General) or moving to the new category of Fully Registered (Associate).

Centrally Deployed Staff

Not all registrants are involved in day to day teaching. However, Professional Update for this group is exactly the same as that of any other fully registered teacher.

College Sector

From August 2016, college Lecturers who are Fully Registered with us should, in order to maintain their full registration, ensure that they engage in the Professional Update process.

Independent Sector

It is recognised that as a result of the independent and individual nature of schools within the Independent or Education through Care sectors, how the process of Professional Update will be managed rests with the management of the school.

Direct Submissions - Teachers working outwith Scotland or within Scotland but outwith a validated system

We recognise that there are a number of fully registered teachers who wish to maintain full registration with us, however, do not have access to a GTCS validated professional review and development scheme.

Professional Learning

Professional learning is what teachers do to keep their professional practice fresh and up-to-date. Engagement in professional learning is an integral part of the Professional Update process.

Using Evidence of Impact and Examples of Professional Learning Journeys

Knowing and evidencing the impact of your learning on your thinking, professional actions and pupils and/ or colleagues is a critical part of the Professional Update process.

Professional Review and Development

At the heart of Professional Update is the PRD process. The formal PRD meeting provides a valuable opportunity for a focussed professional dialogue between reviewee and reviewer.

Coaching and Mentoring

In the specific context of teachers' PRD, it is widely recognised that a coaching/ mentoring approach is best suited to productive PRD meetings between line managers and their staff.

Practitioner Enquiry

Teachers engaging in practitioner enquiry offer a number of benefits to the teacher as an individual, the school and wider educational community.

Professional Recognition

Professional Recognition provides the opportunity for a teacher to be recognised as an accomplished practitioner in a particular area, whose practice is underpinned by ongoing reflective enquiry.