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Fitness to Teach and Registration Panel Members and Conveners

Role Type:  This role involves sitting on Registration and Fitness to Teach Panels which have responsibility for hearing and determining matters relating to:
  • The fitness to teach of individuals who apply to be, or who are, registered (this involves the consideration of cases where teachers or applicants have criminal convictions(s) or where allegations of misconduct or a lack of professional competence have been made against them); and
  • Granting registration to applicants for registration (including individuals qualified outside Scotland).

These posts are public appointments, rather than positions of employment.

Term of Appointment:  4 years.
Time Commitment:  You must be able to meet a minimum time commitment of 10-15 days per annum and you will be expected to provide a reasonable level of availability and flexibility in order to facilitate the hearing/meeting scheduling process. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee a minimum number of days’ attendance.
Compensation Payment & Expenses:  A compensation payment plus reasonable expenses will be provided for Panel member attendance in accordance with our Members Expenses and Compensation Scheme Policy. Compensation is £75 for each half-day (up to 3.5 hours) and is intended to compensate members for any financial loss incurred as a result of their attendance; it is not an attendance fee.

No compensation or expenses will be paid to applicants in connection with the appointment process.

Application Form: 
Application Information: 
Additional Information:  Further information about the Fitness to Teach and Registration Panels is available at: Committees and Panels
Closing Date:  Midnight on Monday 16 March 2015
Contact Information: 

Applications should be sent to:

Anna-Jayne Fraser
The General Teaching Council for Scotland
Clerwood House
96 Clermiston Road
EH12 6UT


If you require the information to be provided in an alternative format or have any queries regarding the above role, please contact Lisa Dobie, Council and Panel Support Manager at or 0131 314 6021.