We are always looking to attract highly skilled individuals to join our diverse team at GTC Scotland.


Two Independent Lay Members on the Panel that appoints Appointments Committee members (our 'Pre-Appointments Committee Panel')

We are looking to appoint two lay persons to the above positions who are independent of GTC Scotland (with no current or previous link to it)

Role Type:  This a short-term public appointment.  Membership of the Pre-Appointments Committee Panel is not a position of employment and Panel members are not subject to employment law.
Area of Work:  To oversee the appointment of a new Appointments Committee with effect from January 2015.
Role Purpose:  A Lay member of the Pre-Appointments Committee Panel, together with other Panel members, is responsible for recruiting and selecting members of the Appointments Committee (who are independent of the GTC Scotland Council).

The Appointments Committee is in turn responsible for the appointment of Lay Council members and Adjudicating Panel and Appeals Board members.
Role and Criteria:  Download details of what the role involves and the skills, experience and qualities required:
Term of Appointment:  Appointment is for the duration of the round of appointments to the Appointments Committee planned between September and December 2014.
Commitment:  Anticipated to involve around three days of time (including 2 days of interviews at GTC Scotland's offices in Edinburgh on dates to be agreed in November and/ or December 2014). It is hoped that much of the involvement of the independent Lay members before and after the interview stage can take place remotely via email or telephone.
Compensation Payment & Expenses: 

In accordance with the Member Expenses and Compensation Policy:

  • Compensation payment will be made at £75 per half day (up to 3.5 hours) for work undertaken as part of the role where this results in the Lay member being unable to undertake alternative remunerated employment.
  • Reasonable expenses will be paid.
Application Form: 
Guidance Notes:  Appointments will be made following paper-based shortlisting and selection of applicants.
Additional Information: 
Closing Date:  5pm on Monday 25 August 2014
Contact Information: 

Applications should be sent to:

Anna-Jayne Fraser
The General Teaching Council for Scotland
Clerwood House
96 Clermiston Road
EH12 6UT


If you have any queries regarding the above role, please contact Irene Hunter at or 0131 314 6044.