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SCEL Legacy Fund Bursaries 2019

Applications are invited for the award for grants to teachers from the SCEL Legacy Fund.

Teachers are invited to put forward submissions to seek financial support for professional learning programmes, activities or courses which allow them to improve their practice, pedagogy, subject knowledge and leadership, and to support improved outcomes for young people in Scotland. Ideally, this will be by means of a project or piece of professional enquiry which can sustain and develop the leadership skills and the professional learning of teachers.

What is the SCEL Legacy Fund?

In 2018, the responsibilities of the Scottish College for Educational Leadership (SCEL) were transferred to Education Scotland. Following the winding up of SCEL as an independent company, the SCEL Board has identified a residual balance of £75,326 to be used as a Fund to support teachers professional learning and development of leadership skills in Scottish schools. Unless subsequently supplemented from other sources, this sum will be reduced each year by awards made to support deserving submissions.

Guidelines on the disbursement of the SCEL Legacy Fund (2019)

The SCEL Legacy Fund will be used to establish a bursary programme for teachers at all stages of their professional careers. It will be open to GTCS registered teachers seeking to work either on individual “projects” or as part of a group “project” involving other teachers or educational professionals.

The word “project” can be interpreted widely to include, for example, an item of professional learning, an activity, an event or a course. It is important to note however that funding would normally only be made available for teachers to engage in opportunities which are not currently provided by or funded by their employers.

In deciding which submissions should be supported, the Selection Committee will expect submissions to reflect the expectations and criteria set out below.

Funds would be made available for the purpose of participation in professional learning events within Scotland, the UK or, where a suitable case for this has been made, in other countries, including.

  1. attendance at conferences and seminars which focus on learning relevant to professional development.
  2. support for aspects of Masters learning which are not otherwise provided for
  3. study visit relevant to the broad purpose of SCEL and Education Scotland
  4. provision of support, including cover costs, for teachers engaged in small-scale educational research which is not otherwise provided for
  5. engagement in inter-school, inter-authority or international collaboration in the interest of promoting high standards of teaching and learning.

The Selection Committee will aim to select for funding submissions which

  1. will have a demonstrable impact on the professional learning of teachers and support improved outcomes for young people in Scotland.
  2. will have potential to sustain and develop the leadership skills and the professional learning of teachers. The project would be enhanced if the impact on professional learning can be shown to be wider than the individuals or groups seeking support.

By accepting funding for an approved project, successful applicants will also agree to produce a short report on its outcomes once the project has been completed. The report, which need not be academic in style, should state the nature of the project, the activities in which the applicant has engaged and, importantly, should outline what has been learned, including any advice which might be helpful to other teachers working in the same area. It is expected that the report will be able to be completed on one A4 page.

Reports may be edited and made available for the benefit of other teachers by GTCS and/or professional associations.

It will be expected that those applicants granted bursaries will provide evidence of the expenditure which they have incurred while undertaking their work.

Application Process - funding available for projects

Subject to the guidelines set out above, applications for funding from SCEL's Legacy Fund should:

  1. not normally exceed a total funding of £2000 in the school year for which the applications is made. Although an award will normally be made for a school year, it is accepted that some projects may not be concluded within that year. An application for a larger sum may be submitted but will normally be given low priority.
  2. be open to individual or group applications. In the event that a group application is made, a higher sum might be approved.
  3. be open to projects which already have the support of another sponsor, but which seek an additional contribution of no more than £2000.

Apply for a bursary

Fill out the application form and send to no later than Friday 3 May 2019.

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