Probationer teachers


Through In2Teaching, we aim to provide all students, probationer teachers and early phase teachers with online support and guidance to assist them through the early stages of their teaching careers.

GTCS Professional Standards

The GTCS suite of Professional Standards have been revised and provide a framework for teachers to examine, inform, and continually develop their thinking and practice. Read more

Teaching Scotland


Teaching Scotland online is our dedicated educational news centre and the web version of the Teaching Scotland magazine. The site includes GTCS news articles, topical educational articles and event information.

Qualified outside of Scotland

A number of changes were made to our registration rules for QOS which came into effect as of 1 August 2014. We have produced a range of useful information about the requirements for registration. Read more


Laptop with a book

MyGTCS is a personalised and secure web portal which allows you to keep all of your details up-to-date and provides access to the Professional Update system where you can record your professional learning.

Registration in an additional subject area

Fully registered teachers may be able to apply to register in another subject area via the Professional Registration route. Read more