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Criminal convictions

We are informed through a PVG Scheme check of any criminal convictions against an applicant for registration and are informed by the police and courts of convictions against currently registered teachers.

In order to assess whether there is a question as to whether any individual is unfit to teach we consider each such case on an individual basis and in doing so take a number of factors into account. We will obtain information relating to the circumstances of any criminal conviction in order to do this and will also ask the applicant or teacher concerned for their own account of the circumstances which led to the conviction as well.

Criminal Convictions FAQs

1. If someone who is currently a teacher is convicted of a criminal offence will they be removed from the register?
2. What types on conviction would lead to removal from the register?
3. What factors are taken into account when deciding what happens to a teacher or applicant who has been convicted of a criminal offence?
4. Is there an obligation for a registered teacher to inform us when they are convicted of a crime?
5. I'm thinking of applying to do a programme in teacher education but I have a conviction from a couple of years ago. Would this prevent me from getting on to the programme or getting registered?
6. Do I have to declare convitions on my application even if they happened a long time ago and are now considered to be 'spent'?