Council Elections

An election will take place later this year to fill 11 of the 19 registered teacher seats on the fully independent GTC Scotland Council. The seats will last for a four year term and will come from the following categories:

  • Teachers (including headteachers) in primary schools or nursery schools in Scotland
  • Teachers (including headteachers) in secondary schools in Scotland
  • Lecturers/ teachers in the further education sector in Scotland
  • Lecturers/ teachers in universities in Scotland providing courses of Initial Teacher Education

A by-election will also be held to fill an interim vacancy in the primary/ nursery category for a two year term.

Registrants elected to the Council will take up office on 2 April 2016.

What you need to know

For the first time:

  • voting in the 2015/2016 Council election will take place solely online.

    This reflects the Council's aim to be environmentally friendly and cost efficient in line with our organisational values and our financial strategy.

  • while information on the election process will continue to be published in Teaching Scotland throughout the year, all other election communications will be made available solely by digital means through our website and other online communication channels and to registrants' email addresses held by us.

    An email with a secure PIN and link to the secure and independent voting website will be sent to each registrant to enable them to cast their vote online. Please note that this will replace the practice in previous Council elections of sending registrants a printed ballot paper and candidate information.

What you need to do

Make sure that we hold an up-to-date email address for you so that you receive information about the election, candidates and your secure PIN to enable you to vote.

You can add or update your email address by logging into your MyGTCS account or by signing up for a MyGTCS account:



For further information on the role and commitment required of a member of the Council, the election process or if you require information to be provided in an alternative format, please contact:

Lisa Dobie, Council and Panel Support Manager

T: +44 (0)131 314 6021