Protection of Vulnerable Groups

We have a duty to ensure that anyone who is applying for registration is suitably qualified and fit to teach.

Framework for Masters in Education

The Framework is designed to enable educators to make informed decisions about accredited Masters provision related to career-long professional learning.

Curriculum for Excellence

We are committed to maintaining and enhancing the quality of teaching in Scotland.

National Implementation Board

The Scottish Government established the National Implementation Board in November 2012 to take forward work on implementing proposals to improve the full spectrum of teacher education.

Primary Teaching

In Scotland, the age range of children in Primary education is 3-12 years old. Primary teachers teach a range of curricular areas including; literacy, numeracy, religious and moral education.

Secondary Teaching

In Scotland, the age range of children in Secondary Education is 12-18 years old. Teachers wishing to teach in the secondary sector must be qualified in their chosen subject.

Further Education

Registration with us provides confirmation that lecturers have met the Professional Standards. It also provides evidence of skills and the commitment of an individual lecturer to be part of the wider education community.


If you have any generic enquiries, please contact:

T: +44 (0)131 314 6000

Changing Career

Teaching can vary from working with a small group of primary 5's in a rural school, to coming face to face with a class of secondary pupils in a large urban secondary school. Either way it can be very rewarding.

Scottish Universities

Teaching in Scotland is an all graduate profession. There are nine universities offering programmes of initial teacher education.