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National Implementation Board

The Scottish Government established the National Implementation Board in November 2012 to take forward work on implementing proposals to improve the full spectrum of teacher education. It has an independent Chair, Professor Petra Wend, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Queen Margaret University. Stakeholders who are represented on the Board are:

  • ADES
  • Education Scotland
  • GTCS
  • Headteacher Associations
  • Scottish Government
  • STEC
  • Teacher Unions

National Implementation Board Remit

The key role of the National Implementation Board is to oversee the implementation of the proposals on teacher education set out in the National Partnership Group (NPG) report. In doing this, the National Implementation Board is expected:

  • To take forward those actions remitted to it in the NPG report
  • To consider other priority issues and actions on teacher education which contribute to and build on the approach in Teaching Scotland’s Future and the NPG report
  • To hold to account partners taking forward actions
  • To ensure that pace and challenge are brought to the process of implementation
  • To undertake an interim role as the management board of the Scottish College for Educational Leadership

A report was created which highlights the positive commitment all partners have displayed in engaging with the process of considering the recommendations of Teaching Scotland's Future.


For more information regarding the National Implementation Board, please contact:

T: +44 (0)131 314 6000